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 Jack O'Diamonds, 56 | NPC | Woody Harrelson
Diamond form, crystal generation, mild telepathy
played by:
Jack Winters.
Jack O'Diamonds'
Marital status:
Woody Harrelson
physical attributes
a little paunchy
eye color:
hair color:
sandy blond
When he is in flesh form, Jack looks like a somewhat seedy man, a bit past his prime, charming in a rough sort of way, but definitely not the kind of guy you'd bring home to mom. When he is in his diamond form, he is exactly the same... only made of diamonds.

Diamond Form: Jack has the ability to transform his body into a diamond form, with the standard hardness and durability of a diamond. He can hold this form indefinitely, and even lose parts of his body without harm. He simply has to reform the missing body part before becoming human again or risk major injury. It takes time to regenerate diamond, roughly two hours for a finger, a full day for an arm, etc. When he was put back together from being shattered, it took him almost a year to become a solid piece again and turn back into a human shape.

Crystal Creation: Jack is able to create various forms of crystal for use as weapons or other devices including forms not available in nature. He created the ruby quartz that contains Scott Summers's powers. He does not have to be in diamond form to do this.

Mild Telepathy: Jack is able to slightly read minds, and influence people, but not with any long lasting effect.


Diamond Form: While there is no limit to how long he can remain in diamond form, any damage to him will occur in his human form as well. If he loses a diamond toe, and then reverts to human form, he will have a blood stump where the toe was.

Crystal Creation: If he creates too many crystals at a time, their quality will decrease and they will become brittle and easily shattered.

Mild Telepathy: He's barely able to influence a bartender to give him a free drink.


Outwardly, Jack is charming in a roguish way, a mutant supremacist sure, but not a world ending one. Anyone who knows him though, knows that this is an act. In truth, Jack is a liar, a thief, and an abusive drunk who once 'adopted' a fourteen year old orphan and physically and mentally coerced him into becoming a criminal, a bank robber... very nearly a murderer.

After almost three decades of being shattered, and a year of being reassembled before he could become human again, Jack is pissed, and more than a little unhinged. He's no one to mess with, and the only reason he's not a bigger threat is that he's really not that powerful.


Jack was already a petty criminal when he mutated at 15, and his new abilities only helped him be a more ambitious one. He was 28 and ready to hit the big time when he was lucky enough to witness the birth of a young mutant, 13 year old Scott Summers. Using his mild mental powers to incite a nearby crowd of humans to riot against the boy, Jack appeared as a savior, helping to shield the terrified and blinded boy, promising he would protect him and find a way to control his powers. After some experimentation with his crystal making ability, Jack and Scott discovered that ruby quartz was able to hold back the destructive beams of force that issued from the boy's eyes.

Jack was happy to give Scott a pair of heavy glasses with lenses made of the stuff in exchange for Scott using his powers to help him strike back at the humans who would oppress them. Under Jack's tutelage, Scott became a thief, and later a bank robber, and if he balked or expressed concern at the illegalities, Jack would beat him, take his glasses, lock him in a closet and threaten all manner of punishments. Scott very quickly learned to obey.

But, when it was time for the big score, the federal reserve bank in Omaha, where Jack and Scott lived, they were discovered in the middle of their crime by an elderly security guard. Jack urged Scott to use his destructive powers on the man, but before the 14 year old could figure out what to do, the scene was interrupted by Charles Xavier, who had been watching Scott for some time. Jack, furious at Scott's disobedience, and Xavier's interference, turned into his diamond form and lunged at Xavier to kill him. Scott, in fear and anger, turned his beams on Jack and shattered him into countless diamond shards. Believing he had killed the only person he had left in the world, Scott was despondent and terrified, until the Professor promised to help him, and well the rest is history.

Xavier arranged for the diamond shards to be collected and stored in several safety deposit boxes, able to sense that Jack was still alive, but unwilling to inform Scott. For almost 30 years Scott has believed Jack was dead, and no one knew otherwise...

Then, who reassembled him... and why?

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