X-Men Revolution is an Earth-616 inspired advanced RPG. We are loosely inspired by canon comic and movies, but have our own history, original characters and plots.

Join us as an original character, or pick one from marvel canon!

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 June 10th Weekly Story Updates
Punches from the Punch Dimension
Married to Jean Grey-Summers
played by:
Plot Thread

Having been inadvertently freed from Cryo by Magneto's revolution on Genosha, Omega Red seeks to hunt down the man who tried to coerce him into subjugation and imprisoned him in a cryo-chamber. Towards this end he has managed to convince the Brotherhood Member Fracture to aid him in hunting down the 'The Handler'.
See: Fracture And The Red Death

MATURE: The Wolverine goes down to Mexico to settle the score with a man who hurt Jet.
See: Taking out the trash

Character Thread

Logan comes home to see his friends and his girl after doing something horrid.
See: Even Steven

Notable Events

Introducing "The Snippets Forum"

This is a place for small quick threads with no word count. If you are rping in the IC discord chat, consider moving it to Snippets, and if the Snippets thread works out for you, consider continuing in a full thread. Let the staff know how this works out for you!


June 10.....Jon "Volt" Harper (13)
June 11.....Benjamin "Amnity" Deeds (19)
June 12.....Anya and Lillian Maximoff (7)
June 15.....Cessily "Mercury" Kincaid (26)

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