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 Introducing The Snippets Forum
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Hey Friends!!

So we're trying out a new thing. Scroll down the board, and you'll see a new forum -- The Snippets Forum.

What it is, essentially, is a no-wordcount place for fluff threads. We've noticed that the IC discord channel really does birth a whole bunch of good ideas, and we want that to count as canon-genius! We hope that this Snippets Forum, where y'all can post without the pressures of a wordcount, will be a good place to smooth out ideas, test out new things, new characters, and be a fun bridge between IC discord, and the site.

There are a few things to take note of though, so things are kept nice and neat --
    * All threads must be dated and timed.
    * Thread details must be stated clearly at the top of thread, in the first post (ie. Alex and Lorna, New York City, Central Park)
    * There is no word count for Snippet Forum Posts
    * The Snippets Forum is considered CANON.
    * All threads longer than 2 pages must be moved to the main forum
    * Please remember to link your SNIPPETS FORUM thread, to your MAIN FORUM THREAD once you shifted it so things are nice and neat.
We've also set up some main places -- the school, salem, and 'everywhere else', but let us know if you'd like another place set up! We want things to be more fluid in there, so feel free to talk to us as we explore this new way of game-play!

With lotsa love,
your neighbourhood admins.

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