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 Other Half of the Coin, Play Kenni's brother, you know you want

played by:
Legacy Squad

Your Name: Pax

Your Character Name: Kenadi Mulls

Character Needed: Aaron or Christian Mulls

Permanent or Temporary: Permanent?

Plot or Character Thread: For character development purposes

If Plot, Provide a Small Synopsis:

Basically, I'm rather fascinated by the idea of how two mutant children raised in the same environment can end up taking divergent paths due to a single event. The Mulls are a big family in a small Southern town in Mississippi, and while the family themselves are very kind, loving, and supported, the rest is classically close-minded.

Basically, it's taking a mutant in a hostile environment, and instead of getting them out, like what happened with Kenni and Xaviers, leaving then stuck there - and subsequently taking them down that darker path. Brotherhood would be a cool angle, or at least a troublemaking Other.

I have some history from Kenadi you can pull from. Aaron would currently be 24, developing his abilities at 14 or older, or Christian would be currently 18, his abilities developing at earliest 8-9. Personality, powers, motivations, I leave entirely open.

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