X-Men Revolution is an Earth-616 inspired advanced RPG. We are loosely inspired by canon comic and movies, but have our own history, original characters and plots.

Join us as an original character, or pick one from marvel canon!

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 The Still of the Night (jcink), oc & canon soft marvel real life site

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So you have watched the Marvel movies. Maybe even read the comics or seen the television shows. You’ve watched as the heroes have gone to battle up against the villains and have come out victorious. Sometimes suffering a great loss and causing an obscene amount of damage. We have all seen them prepping for battle, the battle itself, and even some of the aftermath. But have you ever wondered what happens well after the battle? Before they go to war? In their downtime just what do they do? This is the place where you get to explore that!

This is a soft Marvel roleplay site that leans towards the everyday lives of our heroes and villains. Have you always had the Head Canon that Natasha and Steve play Mario Cart together and Steve gets mad at Natasha because she keeps throwing shells at him? Or maybe you have in your head that Bucky is a manwhore. That Loki and Thor actually get along when ones motives aren’t getting in the way and have a friendly sibling rivalry. Explore all of this and more at The Still of the Night!

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