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 Pixie, 16 | X-Student | Sabrina Carpenter

played by:
New Player

Megan Gwynn
also known as: Pixie
Marital status:
X-Students to start
Sabrina Carpenter
physical attributes
eye color:
Pink iris’, black sclera
hair color:
Pink, naturally
The first thing most people notice about Megan isn’t her pink hair, or her oddly colored eyes, with black instead of white eyes, or even her pointy ears, noticed less since she tends to wear her hair long. No, the first thing most people notice about her are the iridescent insectoid wings coming from her back. Her uniform is standard issue Xavier’s training uniform.

When not in her uniform, Pixie tends to dress in loose tee shirts or tank tops. If the back isn’t low cut, then she has to cut slits for her wings to fit though. She prefers long pants to skirts or shorts. Occasionally she has been known to dress up in dresses, always backless. Her style is very eclectic however. If she likes something and thinks she can make it work, she wears it.

biographical details
Abergylid, Wales
current residence:
Xavier’s Institute
registered with shield:
time at institute:
<1 year
    Garth Gwynn - Stepfather, deceased
    Mary Gwynn - Mother, alive
    Jason Wyngarde (Mastermind) - Biological Father
    Regan Wyngarde (Lady Mastermind) - Half-sister
    Martinique Wyngarde (Mastermind) - Half-sister
- Megan has two large wings coming from her back. They look like dragonfly wings. These wings are functional allowing her to fly 60MPH (though she can only sustain it for an hour), hover in place and move vertically. She has not yet gone further than about 1000’ though if that is because that her limit or because she is scared is unclear. She does not appear to have other adaptations to allow her to function much higher or ease her flight, unlike other winged mutants.

    ’Pixie’ Dust
- Pixie creates spores from her wings that cause visual and auditory hallucinations in her foes. Most of the time the illusions are more calming in nature. She has no control over what people see. This affects anyone who is able to breath or absorb though skin contact.

    Limited Magic
- Pixie has a store of magic in her. In theory she could become a sorcerer on the level of Illyana Rasputin or Billy Kaplin. For the moment she only knows a single spell of teleportation, which can teleport any number of people any distance. She needs to be able to say Sihal novarum chinoth for it to work.
- Unlike other winged mutants, Pixie is unable to truly fold her wings up and hide them. The best she can do is lay them nearly flat but it is painful for her to cover them and she won’t do it. Megan also lacks the adaptations to flight such as hollow limbs or the ability withstand colder temperatures at higher altitudes. As such, she tends to stick pretty close to the ground.

    Pixie Dust
- Pixie has no idea and no control over her dust except deciding when to use it.

- Currently she only knows the single spell and if, for some reason, Pixie is unable to speak her spell is useless. The later will always be a concern for her. She must be able to vocalize, at least at a whisper level, the spell for it to take effect. Mouthing it does not work.
Innocent - Until about a year ago, Megan was in every way innocent. She was naive and not worldly at all. From an isolated town in Wales she just hadn’t had a lot of chances to experience things. Even now, she is more likely to come off innocent. She also tends to be wide-eyed at many things, as if she had never experienced or seen them before.

Trusting - Maybe that was the trait that made her run off when she did, or maybe there is something else, but Megan tends to be trusting. Right now the person she trusts the most is Illyana Rasputin. Still she is one of those people you have to keep an eye on because they will give money to the Nigerian Prince just ‘because he seemed like he might need help.’

Optimistic - Pixie honestly believes everything is going to work out. She thinks it’ll all come up shiny and bright. That the good guys win even when there isn’t a clear side. She is typically happy and excited.

Scared - Despite all that, Pixie has started to see somethings and some of the shine has started to wear off. The images she saw with Illyana haunt her nightmares. Maybe that’s why she is so insistent about being her friend, she believes that Illyana is the only person who can keep that all back.

Nosey - Pixie loves to know what is going on and keep up on the gossip. She can’t really help it. She is a teenage girl and is still getting used to all sorts of things. She wants to know more about everyone and everything.

Inexperienced - Pixie has only had her powers for about a year. Flying is hard and she is a bit scared she is going to fall out of the sky. While she no longer uses her helmet, that fear hasn’t completely left her. She also doesn’t have complete control over her spores. If she gets emotional she is likely to release them.

Megan’s story starts long before she was born. If you ask her mother, her family has always been connected to the land, to the magic in Wales. It is why the family never left the small mining town. At least not permanently. Her grandmother would argue that when they left, bad things happened.

While still unknown to Megan, that was what happened with her mother. Her mother left the town, went to college in London and came back pregnant. The circumstances of which she met Jason she has never talked about, and Megan still is unaware he is her father. With Megan’s grandmother, the two came up with a plan. Megan was born officially to her mother Mary and her ‘father’ Garth. The only sign growing up that something was not quite right was the pink hair that Megan was born with. Pink hair that her mother and grandmother also possessed.

For ten years everything was well and perfect. The town was tiny, with probably less than 1000 people, almost all involved in the mine. She had her parents and her grandparents, and Megan was friendly with a number of people at her school. However, there was an accident in the mine and Garth was killed. The only father she had known. She cried for a long time for him and there are still times of the year and certain songs that make Megan think of him. Slowly though things settled and then things changed again. This time rather than a loss of a man, it changed because of gaining one. This boy was named Cormac. Cormac’s father worked for the corporation that owned the mine. His father was transferred to Wales. Cormac had grown up in Cardiff and moving to the small Welsh town was not really his idea of fun. So he started to make his own.

Megan was enamored with Cormac. She started to go to his house after school and study, and the studying sometimes turned into little gatherings of people. Which slowly turned into less small gatherings. It was one of these bigger gatherings, all of maybe 100 people, where something changed. That something was for whatever reason Illyana Rasputin walked into the door.

For whatever reason, whatever whim, Illyana found Megan and then deciding the party wasn’t good enough, opted to teleport them to one in Milian. Maybe that would have been the end of things, if everything had gone normally. It didn’t. Because Megan saw things that she probably shouldn’t have been able to see as the stepping disk skimmed over Limbo. Saw demons and something...else. And she changed. A pink haired girl walked into the disk, a winged girl with pink hair and pink-on-black eyes walked out. It took until they arrived at the party for Megan, overwhelmed with all the changes, and confused, to sneeze. The moment she did, waves of spores came off of her.

Making a choice, Illyana moved to take her Xavier’s. Deciding that this girl needed help now. Again, as they went into the disk, Megan saw everything that was there. Everything hidden away. She clung to Illyana. Begging her for an answer or for anything.

It didn’t take long for the blonde to realize something was up. For her to realize that Megan was seeing Limbo for Limbo. That she had to have some magical aptitude. So to help ease the young girl, Illyana taught her a single spell. A teleport so that Pixie never would have to look on Limbo again.

Since then, Pixie has been mostly residing at Xavier’s. She used her spell to teleport home and get some of her things. Her mother seemed almost unimpressed by the whole thing. As if she might have known all along. She regularly goes to find Illyana, but as of yet has not learned any other spells. But she considers Illyana her best friend and mentor.

Unknown to her, Pixie is connected to both Limbo and Earth magic. The latter through her mother’s side of the family. Her mother is also a mutant with super strength.

rp sample
Megan poofed back into her bedroom with a laugh. Teleporting was fun! Honestly all of her powers seemed fun. She snapped another picture this time in her bedroom. Posting it online for others to see. Okay maybe lately she had been spending too much time on instagram but she had always gotten good feedback. At which point her stomach growled. Magic sure did to take a lot out of her. Sure seemed to want to make her eat. She fluttered up and out the door. Down the hall. She was flying at a high that if she put her feet down, her toes would just graze the floor. Enough that if she fell, she hopefully could catch herself quickly and if not, she likely wouldn’t have hurt herself. She angled down the stairs and into the dining area. Placing her foot back on the now level surface and looking around. There were a handful of students right now. Probably ones like her who had been working out or stretching their powers and now were hungry. “Helllo” She greeted a few other students as she went by. A couple of them waved. She frowned seeing the selection and took a cheese sandwich to nibble on. Joining the one of the groups. “Can yae all believe Mr. Summers last test?” She asked with a grin. Though she was pretty sure she had done just fine with it. Biting into her sandwich as others talked about the various questions in the test they had taken earlier that day. She must have spent the better part of the hour there. Talking and laughing with people. It reminded her of the nights at Cormac’s. Before it became all about partying. It was a good feeling and she was glad she found it again here. But it was getting late, so with a wave she stood up. “Hwyl.” She stated. “Good Night.” The translation of the Welsh. Slowly she flew back up to her room. Carefully pulling off the tank top she had been wearing and pulling another one on. Careful as always of her delicate wings. She climbed into her bed, laying on her stomach and closed her eyes. Wondering what adventures awaited her in the morning.
about the player
Vampire Central
rules code:
what did you use to help your app:
Megan Gwynn (Marvel Wiki) ; Mrs. Gwynn (Marvel Wiki) ; Discussed all the connections to Illyana with Timid1. Discussed the magic aspects with…..
how'd you find us:
I live here.

Punches from the Punch Dimension
Married to Jean Grey-Summers
played by:
this seems fine to me. I will give you a [S T A M P] on the caveat that you get permission to use the spores. If you are going to use them on another PC player, you need to have permission from that player.

Applications and other magic things
Totally magical
played by:
Hello! Sorry for the long wait! //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/smile.gif

Most of this is technically fine, but I'm seeing some careless mistakes, especially with syntax and spelling. Would be great if you could go through quickly and edit, eg 'the later would always be a concern for her' should read 'the latter'.

Specific things that I would like clarified:

1. Megan has two large wings coming from her back. They look like dragonfly wings. These wings are functional allowing her to fly 60MPH (though she can only sustain it for an hour), hover in place and move vertically. She has not yet gone further than about 1000’ though if that is because that her limit or because she is scared is unclear. She does not appear to have other adaptations to allow her to function much higher or ease her flight, unlike other winged mutant

^^ is this 60MPH her upper limit, or are you looking at levelling up as you play her? If so, please provide the upper limits of her powers.

^^ I'm assuming your point about the other 'adaptations' in allowing her to function at higher altitudes would include things like ability to breathe etc?

2. Does Megan have any other weaknesses? Or strengths? Does she have any combat experience? Is she a runner? Does she have good stamina for a young girl her age? What I'm getting from your app is that Megan has a pre-established relationship with Yana, and that's all fantastic and very interesting, but I would like more from Megan, especially in terms of when she interacts with other people/students etc.

3. I'm not sure why you've done Megan's personality section in points, when you wrote out Paige's really nicely in prose. The thing about points is that I only see the points individually, and not how they're connected to give insight to a whole character. I'm not going to ask you to rewrite this, but given how I know you're a good writer, I kind of expected more.

4. Her history is what raises a lot of questions for me -- so she's connected to the Welsh magic that runs through her blood, but what kind of magic is this? Is this a kind of potions or spiritual magic that passed through her mother and grandmother? Why is her pink hair something wrong if her mom and gran both had it? Surely it should be normal by now?

And then she had a girl-hood crush? How did that change her? Did that crush make her less innocent, being friends with a city-boy? I'm not seeing why she's 'scared' or 'optimistic' as mentioned in her personality, and how it ties to her history.

Also, why did Yana go to some small town party in Wales? Megan might not know, but as a player, you should -- was it the energy from the party that attracted her? Was it the latent magic within Megan? I also find it hard to believe that Megan, who had had no other reason to leave her family, just up and left with Yana and then went to Xaviers, without a backward glance? Maybe she has a sense of adventure? Or her time with Cormac made her realise there was more to the world than just her small town?

I think maybe we can possibly discuss this, and flesh Megan out a bit more.

Let me know if you have questions, or post here when you're done. //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/smile.gif Thanks!!

played by:
Is this application still being worked on?? Please respond by 7/20 or this will be moved to inactive.

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