X-Men Revolution is an Earth-616 inspired advanced RPG. We are loosely inspired by canon comic and movies, but have our own history, original characters and plots.

Join us as an original character, or pick one from marvel canon!

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 Site Rules

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The Rules

The staff reserve the right to update these rules at any time. It is expected that all players read and adhere to these rules before making an application.


Welcome to XMR! We are an advanced X-Men roleplaying board set in the alternate universe of Earth-740. The world of Earth-740 is unique to the board and events are often inspired by those that occur within the comics are never directly copied 100%. At XMR we are for the most part focused upon the trials and tribulations of mutants in the wider universe, and as such, the majority of the characters on the board are mutants, though on occasion the odd non-mutant character does make an appearance.

Site Rating

All members must be at least 18 years of age, and any player caught under the age of 18 will have their accounts deactivated. Due to the site making use of the Jcink premium service, players will be asked to confirm their age before they are allowed to read any of the site's content, this will only occur once and players are expected to answer honestly.

XMR is a mature site, with the equivalent of an R rating. Given our subject matter, there is violence, occasional drug use, and other adult content. Although we do not discourage shipping on XMR, everyone likes a good ship, we do prefer that the actual act of sex is not written out and on XMR we operate a fade to black policy. If your thread contains any adult themes or themes that are likely to cause triggers we ask that these threads are labelled with an [m] This can be edited into the thread title at any point.


Thanks to the great sub-account system that JCINK has, we ask all players to firstly register with an OOC account. This will generally be the name that you wish to be referred to when speaking to OOC. We ask that no symbols or inflammatory terms are used in these out of character accounts. Once you have settled on a character, we ask that you register with the characters codename, though we understand that some characters do not have a codename and in these situations, we ask that you register with your characters first and last name. Once registered you can link your IC account to your OOC account via the sub-accounts menu in the control panel, allowing you to post any of your characters from one single account.


So you've decided to apply for a character! Excellent! The first thing that you need to do is take a look at our character creation guide which can be found here. This guide will run you through the sorts of characters we are looking for, the canon characters that are banned and any banned concepts/powers that we may have on the board currently.

Players are expected to write their own applications - we do not accept copy and pasted applications and plagiarism in any form is not accepted. We ask that applications are suitably proofread and are free of spelling and grammar issues, and that image sizes are adhered to as if incorrect size images are used then the template will break. We ask that the application template is not altered at all, if you have a problem with it then please contact a member of staff.

Please read the site history - while we do not expect everyone to stick to all of the events in the history in their application, it is good practice to understand what has happened on the site and how it will influence your character.

We operate a two stamp system with application reviews. If you feel that the staff have taken too long to reply to your application, please feel free to ask a staff member via PM or on Discord. We do try to have all apps reviewed within the first few days of posting.


Despite being a comic book based site, we do like to keep some level of realism on XMR. For that reason we ask that unnecessary drama is kept to a minimum in apps, nobody likes a Gary or Mary Sue. Definitely, read previous apps as that will help you to gauge the level of drama allowed in an application.

There is to be absolutely no god-moding, power playing, sue-hood or puppet-play allowed on XMR. This means that Your character is not god. You are not the supreme being, and you cannot dodge and hit everything. And you certainly aren't the most beautiful creature to have ever walked the earth. If that was true, then there's not any point in rping with anyone, is there?

You can not control another person's character. If you hit them, that's for them to decide- only they know what their character can dodge, or what will land. If you have concerns about this, see the first part of this rule decide and then contact an administrator. Obviously, we won't let them get away with anything unreasonable. Don't think we're not watching. We are.

All in character laws and regulations must be followed, or you will pay the consequences. Even if you do escape.. say, an arrest, there will be retribution, and many times it will be worse than being arrested. Think about what you do in your rps, and how it would happen in the real world.

Make your roleplaying Believable. For example - Betty can't be an emotionally unsteady girl who can't deal with human contact, but then all of a sudden, when Steve comes along, she's a happy go lucky bimbo lookin' for a night of fun. Be reasonable, people. Stick to the traits you give your characters, research injuries, research events. If you don't know about something, and can't be bothered to research it so your character knows, then don't have your character know. Simple as that.


Character advancement here on XMR is handled on a what you put in, is what you get out. So if you don't want your character to advance beyond their current state in the faction then that's cool. If you do want to advance in your faction though, then you need to show to the staff that your character deserves it.

To find out more look HERE


Avatars should be exactly 250 pixels wide and 400 pixels high. The forum is set to automatically shrink/enlarge all avatars to fit the size of the board. Since many players used to use Photobucket to host pictures, the staff now recommend Nickpic who like JCINK, is run by a role-player and the two companies work together.

Graphic signatures must be no more than 500 pixels in width and 400 pixels in height. Players are not required to have signatures and we ask for players to not use animated gifs in their signatures.

The staff reserve the right to remove any images that they deem inappropriate from the site.


At XMR we do pride ourselves on being an advanced site, though we do understand that sometimes it can be hard to write huge inspiring posts. We do ask that at a minimum, no post should be under 200 words in length as we feel that is the bare minimum for giving your writing partner something to reply to. We expect all posts to have correct spelling and grammar, and are proofread before posting, though we all know that the odd mistake will slip through. We ask that no netspeak, emojis or symbols are included in posts unless they are relevant to the post being made. All posts are to be written in the third person.

Despite being used extensively across the OOC sections of the site, we do not allow doHTML templates to be used for IC posting and we ask that players do not use colour, or bold text for speech (you do not see this in books, it’s not needed for posts). We also ask that players do not alter the size of the font or the font style in their posts.

At XMR we run in real time, and so the in-game time is often the same as real life time give or take a month or two. Because of having multiple plots running at one time, we ask that all players time stamp their threads with a date and time so that the staff and other players are aware of when a thread is happening in relation to plots. At some points during plots, the staff may place a time freeze on the game with a staff announcement where players are not allowed to post any IC dates after a set date.

It is a given that we do not tolerate god-moding on XMR, metagaming is not tolerated either and if we see either being used in IC posts we will ask players to make edits to their posts. This is a game after all and we expect all our players to play fairly.

Character Limits

On XMR players can have up to five characters without staff permission (though this is dependent on the character you are applying for. If you are unsure contact a staff member.) to qualify for a new character, the previous character must have a minimum of 15 in-character posts and must have been active on the site for a minimum of 30 days. We want to see characters fleshed out, and given plenty of screen time before you consider applying for a second, third, fourth, etc character. As a result of this, sometimes the staff may place the application of another character on hold until previous characters are receiving enough screen time.

If you have five characters already and you wish to add more to your roster then you must contact the staff before you begin writing any more applications. Extra character slots are given on a case by case basis and the staff reserve the right to say no to extra slots.


We understand that everyone has a real life and the staff of XMR do not expect anyone to put the site before their real life. That said, the board cannot function when characters disappear for weeks at a time without any warning. Because of this, we expect all players to post an absence in this forum whenever you are going to be away for more than a few days at a time. If a player disappears for an extended period of time without any warning, then they may find that their characters have been archived upon their return.


At XMR we do not have a hard and fast rule with regards to posting activity, we do generally prefer that players post a minimum of once per week. That said those people who have more time on their hands can have as many threads as they can handle, but do keep your posting partners in mind. If you are taking upwards of a month to reply to threads, then don’t start more threads as that is not fair to the people you are posting with.

Activity Checks

Activity checks are carried out monthly on XMR, players are expected to post their characters with at least one in character thread that they have posted in within the past month. At XMR we operate a three strike system for activity checks: The first time a player misses an activity check you will receive a pm stating such and will have a week to reply to the pm, if a second consecutive activity check is missed players will receive a second PM asking them to reply to it within forty-eight hours or your character will be archived.

Weekly Updates

Every Sunday, Heather does the weekly updates! If a thread has started in the week previous and you started it or are in it, send a PM to Heather’s staff account with a description and a link to the thread. If it's part of a larger plot, and there's a plot thread, link that to Cyke as well! It’s a mammoth task but Heather can’t do it without her HULKBUSTER armour. (pssst that’s the r u l e s c o d e)


New Characters

We ask that existing players, do not go ahead and jump into the IC channel with new characters until they have been accepted, we understand that this has been allowed in the past, but we feel that it works better this way to avoid any confusion as to who's who and to prevent any sort of upset should an application not be accepted.

Three Strikes

Like the rest of the site we operate a three-strike system within Discord. The first, two strikes will be formal warnings from the staff, on the third strike players will receive a temporary ban from Discord of one week. If after that week players continue to abuse Discord, another temporary ban may be issued and in extreme cases, a permanent ban from the site may be issued.


We are all adults on the site, and therefore other players and staff needed to be treated with respect. We understand that sometimes, tempers can get a little heated in the IC interactions in Discord and while we don’t want to discourage the IC action we are now going to be asking players who want to have continuous antagonistic action will be asked to consider whether these interactions are best moved into threads on the board as these major interactions can enhance and move our story forward.

Discord users are also expected to remember that IC does not equal OOC and so during these encounters while someone may make an IC comment they are not directing them at the player OOC. We have a broad community here on XMR and so topics such as political affiliations, and those that will generally cause extreme reactions from others should be avoided. We generally ask that common sense is taken when engaging in topics of conversation, and if you take issue with a topic speak to a member of staff.

On the same vein of respect, players need to understand that when a staff member asks a player to stop a certain trail of conversation, that they do it. We don’t want to treat players like children, but when we tell people to stop, they need to stop. We don’t like dealing with the negative all the time, we are humans too and it strips all the fun out of the board when we are having to police Discord 24/7.

Reporting Issues

If a staff member isn’t in Discord and you wish to report an issue, feel free to PM or direct message any member of staff with a transcript, or screenshot of the conversation, and we will deal with it as quickly as possible.

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