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 Penance, 25 | Student, Sr. Lvl | Natasha Petrovi

played by:
New Player
Yvette “Penny” Krstulovic St Croix
also known as: 'Penance'
Marital status:
Student, Senior Training Level
Natasha Petrovic
physical attributes
5 feet 7 inches
80 lbs
atrophied, agile
eye color:
solid blue, no details
hair color:
Yugoslavian/other dimensional
Penance, as Yvette is far better known as, appears to be a late teens to early 20s young woman with red skin and hair and blue eyes with no discernable pupils. Closer inspection reveals her entire body is made of some unearthly substance of extreme density and flexibility. This substance is razor sharp at almost every contact point and incredibly durable, yet renders her even lighter then a normal girl of her age and height. Her fingers and toes are elongated claws that serve mostly well enough as the appendages they have replaced. Her hair is the exact same substance with the same properties. Having no real need for clothes, “Penny” will happily wear whatever is offered and spends most of her time in her gold and blue student uniform. She has no real interest in what covers her form, however she has a fondness for things which do not restrict her movement. As her hands and feet and hair are all razor sharp, she keeps all three bare.
biographical details
Ljubljana, Slovenia
current residence:
Xavier’s Institute
registered with shield:
time at institute:
just over 3 years
    Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix “M”: adopted sister
    Cartier St. Croix: reluctant adopted father
    Claudette and Nicole St. Croix: adopted sisters
    Jožef and Irena Krstulovic: forgotten parents
    Ivan Krstulovic: forgotten brother
    Ana Krstulovic: forgotten sister
Penance’s body has been transformed by her own mutant gifts and her torture at Emplate’s hands to be something entirely different from whatever she was intended to be. These vast physical and mental changes grants her several gifts placing her above the average Homo Sapien

Unknown Alloy Body:

Penence’s entire body, every individual cell, is made of an unknown other dimensional material that is both amazingly sharp, and almost unbreakable. As best can be guessed her original mutant power allowed her to protect herself by altering her density, at some point in Marius’s tortures this was perverted until her only means of survival was to be entirely made of an unpierceable substance. Her body still mimics human form and function, needing food, water and air, and carries all the normal organs and bodily functions of any other human. However whatever it is composed of is far lighter then human tissues, resulting in far fast reflexes and a very light form. So far nothing has been shown capable of piercing this alloy outside of adamantium with great pressure and a fair amount of time being applied.

Wicked Claws:

In place of fingers and toes, Penance has long sturdy claws that with care can be used almost like real fingers and toes, without care they are capable of shredding substances of up to carbon steel hardness in seconds.

Clothed in Darkness:

Penny’s skin, possibly to keep her more unnoticed from whatever beings inhabited that deadly place, seems to drink in light, to make all the shadows around her seem darker and thicker. In simple terms, it is always a few degrees darker wherever the student goes, even in bright light she is hard to discern all the details of.

Reinforced Mind:

Yvette’s mind seems to have been subjected to the same altered use of her natural talents and is simurally hard to pierce. Her mind is hard to locate, sending searches off spinning as they try to get a mental lock. Once one can located the young woman's mind, her brain itself seems to reject telepathic intrusion. Even when her natural defenses are fought down, it is difficult to get anything deeper then surface thoughts.

Bone Marrow Regeneration:

Penny was prized by Emplate above all others for a very simple, rarely now used mutation. Her bone marrow would completely regenerate within 24 hours were it damaged, removed, or in his case devoured. This would happen automatically and with great pain. When Monet was in possession of her body, she exhibited the same ability.

As with most mutants, all of Penance’s gifts also come with costs attached. While M might be seen, if only in her own mind, as perfection, Penny seems to be the other side of that coin. She possesses a body and mind broken and damaged.

Not Human:

Penny is a creature who does not look human by any real stretch of the imagination. Her claws, razor sharp hair, crimson skin, and empty blue eyes divorce her from the human population of the world in an instant. Worse, her skin cuts most anything it touches unless she exercises the utmost care. Hugging a friend could lacerate them, gripping a coffee mug could destroy the china, grabbing for the remote could cost someone else their fingers.

Additionally, Penny’s insides are packed so densely together that they rarely move or shift, while this adds to her ability to not be hurt, it means her vocal cords can barely vibrate. She is almost entirely mute. In times of great distress she might whimper or gasp, however words are very much beyond her.

Troubled mind:

Yvette’s mind was completely wiped when Monet was forced into her body, meaning she is rather younger then she should be and knows far less about the world then someone her age typically would. Her resistance to telepathy makes communication even more difficult. This means Penny’s real past is hard to discern, available only in strange memories M has picked up and fragments within her own mind. For the most part this seems to trouble Penny not at all, though she does seem fairly simple and childlike at times.

Still Human, somewhat:

Though she is composed of strange materials and has a mind under lock and key, Penance is still a young woman of average strength and stamina who is rather prone to manipulation. She has no real means of verbal communication though she seems to understand English and French. Her claws would most likely be far more deadly if she had a higher strength to use them with and she tires out like anyone else.


Simple, childlike, interested in everything, are usually the words used to describe the girl often called Penny. She is quiet, eerily so, and moves with a feline like grace. The crimson skinned girl haunts the outsides of things, conversations, peer groups, buildings, and relationships. The troubled mutant seems to alternate between being a tightly wound coil and forgetting how dangerous she can be and just acting normal. She enjoys being outside, regardless of weather, and spending time around her adopted sisters.

Underneath this idyllic slice of young life however, is the true Yvette Krstulovic, a shy, mostly happy soul who can’t seem to stop wreaking the world around her. So many people and things are so fragile, so messy when touched. She would like to touch people, to hold them and do all the things she has seen on TV, however she mustn’t, they bleed and scream if she does. So she plays, carefully, she does what she’s asked to do, trying to smile because people like smiles. Mostly she doesn’t really understand the world, through her sister Monet tries to explain it. Food is good, sisters are good, happy people are good, the school is good, friends are great. Loud voices are bad, hard hands that hit are bad, blood is bad, disappointing her family is awful, running away is terrible. These concepts and a simple measure of good or bad help her define her world.

Lurking even deeper under this simple outlook are the scant, though powerful memories of her life before she woke up with a new family. Somewhere she hears the word Yvette, sees tanks and soldiers, hears the voices of people she doesn’t know who call her daughter or sister. Somewhere lurks the full measure of what Marius did to her, things she can’t forget or forgive. Deep down she knows that there is much that took place with Monet’s family and much of it was to her detriment. One day, one day, the people at the school will find out who and what she is, one day they can make her normal again. Or so she believes. Until then, it is fun to play and grow and learn. Even following orders or clawing robots can be fun.


As Yugoslavia fell, a family fled from the state’s breakup with nothing at all to their name. A close family with three children, they had tired of the wars and the state identity and the simple horrid way of life that had taken over their land. The state had taken everything and left nothing in its wake so they simply became another family on the move, losing themselves as they slipped between country lines as Europe changed yet again. Eventually they found their way to Bosnia and with their unflinching work ethic and ruthless aggression, carved out a little niche of Sarajevo all to themselves. Their children would never know the poverty and violence they had, would grow up safe and sound and happy in the midst of wealth. In short they adapted and though they were heavily in debt and barely holding on, they made sure their children wanted for nothing.

Youngest among them was little Yvette, a beautiful brunette girl with fair skin and an ever present smile. Born well after her home country fell, she had none of the haunted scared looks of her siblings, knew little of the hardscrabble life that paved the way for her to live in such luxury. She attended the best schools, was friends with the most popular kids, and went to only the wildest parties. It was at one of these parties that she met the teenager who would change her life, but not in the way she expected.

Marius St.Croix was the epitome of what it meant to be amazing in Bosnia. His family were legends, the wealth, power, and land they wielded had no equal, his beauty and eye for fun had no challengers. Though Yvette was a bit older, the two teenagers were an item in an instant. However She was foreign, was upper middle class no matter how her parents pretended, Marius was all but royalty. At his insistence they keep their relationship a secret, meeting after school, away from prying eyes, and above all away from his family. Yvette’s family were shocked that she could be with such an important personage, surely this would good for the family, surely he would thaw and bring their golden girl into his life. One day perhaps they would marry and all their fortunes would rise.

Sadly this was not the way of things. Shortly after his 15th birthday Marius called Yvette to come see him, to come to his house for the first time ever. He sounded different, horse, delighted as she had ever heard him, but off somehow. When she arrived she was greeted by a pale white ghost of the teenager she had know, his mother’s blood all over his hands. He smiled at her as Yvette reeled and fought off fainting. He told her with glee, he was even better then she knew, he had powers now, he could feed off others, and was she not the most delicious thing he had ever met. Marius placed his hands, his vile gross hands, tiny mouths in them grasping and biting, upon her forehead, then Yvette knew nothing else for a long long time.

Marius took her body and fed off of it, fed off this girl who was like none other. His mutant power allowed him to drain the bone marrow from others and if they too were mutant, he gained their power. Yvette was a mutant as well, she had simply not yet discovered her powers of density control. Marius, now already thinking of himself as Emplate, never let her learn them. Instead her kept her as a shell, a food supply, and his work on her altered her, slowly changed her into the creature she is now.

When Yvette finally reawakened to the world it was to find that her body had been used by her former boyfriend to imprison his sister, that the Marius she knew has turned into a monster who crossed dimension and brought nothing but suffering to all. She had finally met the St. Croix, however she was mute, mind wiped, almost a complete blank slate. They took the confused monster like girl in and tried to give her what life they could. For Yvette, now called Penny as short for Penance, what M had called herself in that shell, it was a new life, a brand new day filled with wonder. She was born again with almost none of who she used to be in her mind. Even her new family had no idea who she was or where she came from. They had though Marius turned Monet into the creature and helped her mostly out of obligation. Penny took over as a kind of pet/sister/guardian to the twins and did what she could to make up for M living in America.

Penny was looked after and protected by her new father, a man who wanted none of this in the papers, wanted no tarnish on his family name. Monet taught her new sister enough to look after the twins, worked hard on forging a mental link, then continued to be part of Xavier’s so she could teach more upon her return. The strange mute young woman blended right in, being as childlike and willing to explore as the two younger girls and well paid nannies and private tutors filled in the rest. It was a quiet, forcibly quiet life imposed on the trio, making their estate more prison camp then home. Their father filed the paper to make her Penny St. Croix, then went back to forging his empire. It all passed quite quickly for the razor skinned girl as she was happy with her family.

Eventually Monet returned, vibrant and educated and powerful. Penny was ecstatic, they could talk, as much as she had the idea of communication, she could touch Monet, this was her real sister. The silent girl never quite understood why they were so close, why she liked the self styled M so much. However this was not the cocky, spoiled, take on the world M that had left them. Monet had a plan, and she went about it with her father’s trademark ruthlessness. In short order the beautiful “perfect” mutant was modeling, setting aside funds, making her own empire separate from her father. Penny took her place at Xavier’s to learn and be around others and perhaps, just maybe to learn to be human again. The money meant they could be independent from her father, who was most then happy to have one less freak in his house. As for Penance herself? She was finding friends and adventure and purpose. Also now she could keep an eye on her sister. After all, M was reckless, even if she called it being fearless. Penny might not know much, but she could maybe make sure she didn’t do anything too dangerous.

rp sample

The ground erupted in a beautiful shower of dirt and grass as Penance emerged from it with a wide grin. She loved being in the dirt, feeling all the warmth, being hugged by the soil. Her claws always gave her a way in and through the rich earth of her home, the place of Xavier. All the pretty people tended to like to be above ground, to walk and dance, and talk, and never ever look down. Down was where it was safe, where others couldn’t follow her. Her legs had given her a bit of a launch and she overshot her target, little Erick Jonas, better known as Link. The little man with the giant had could use his powers to find anyone, anywhere, after he had touched them. Penny was determined to prove him wrong.

However she had missed her mark and instead covered her fellow student in dirt as she soared over his head and into a tree. It was fine, this was play, he was smiling. Well he was smiling once he was no longer making a shocked face. The tree was friendly, she tried not to hurt it as she shifted and launched herself back at Link who dived out of the way, feeling her coming at him moments earlier. However Penny was sneaky and wise sometimes and she rolled, sticking one leg out to trip him as she used her claws to halt her momentum. As she had been told would mean winning, she used her claws to carefully, oh so carefully pin the older student to the ground. Must always be careful, no one likes blood.

Then the whistle blew and she let him up, their teacher was coming with his reward. She had done good she hoped. Doing good brought cookies and warm words. Penny really liked warm words. Perhaps Monet would visit her as well. Good deeds often got sister time, even though she was an X-Men now. X-Men saved worlds. Oh, she had scratched her friend’s cheek. That was not good, there would be harsh words now. Words telling how she was no good, how she had so far to go. Penny looked behind her, thinking maybe she could out run her teacher, make it to the gates and up up over before….. No, this was the small one, clawed like her. He was far too fast, far to smart, but he didn’t usually yell about blood. Though Wolverine also never had cookies.

about the player

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As ever, Trey rocks.

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Hi Timid,

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