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 Mirage, 28 | X-Factor |Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs
Nightmares and Delights
played by:
Danielle Moonstar
also known as: Mirage
Marital status:
Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs
physical attributes
5’ 5”
Muscular and Athletic
eye color:
hair color:
Native American (Cheyenne)
Danielle Moonstar tends to dress for movement and comfort. Most days it is layers. Tanks with flannel, jeans, boots. A leather jacket on top. She does dress up, but saves it for very special occasions. She tends to keep her dark, straight hair long, often braiding it. Either in twin braids or one down her back. She only wears make-up when she is otherwise dressed for special occasions.

Dani has one of those bodies that holds muscle without ever looking super bulky. She doesn’t have a ton of curves but when she dresses up for it, she knows how to flatter herself. Otherwise it can be difficult to tell she has curves or is anything but with a bit of a boyish figure.

She still has her uniform from her days at Xavier’s. A red and black number and a pair of boots. She also uses her grandfather’s bow. Dani has a tattoo on her right hip of "Ovaxe" the Cheyenne word for Dream.

biographical details
Lame Deer, Montana
current residence:
New York City
registered with shield:
time at institute:
The better part of 16 years
    William Moonstar (father, presumed deceased)
    Peg Lonestar (mother, presumed deceased)
    Black Eagle (paternal grandfather, deceased)
    Rahne Russell (best friend)
    Greg Ruseell (godson)
Danielle’s mutation is to create 3-D illusions of people's emotional state. She is able to reach into a targets mind and pull out their worst fear or their heart’s desire and project an image to them. While the image appears real to the person, it appears as a hologram to everyone else. Dani does not know what she is going to make until the image appears.

It is possible for Dani to affect multiple people at the same time, however she seems to have a maximum limit of five. Each target will see their own illusion, though any non-target observers will see all the illusions at once. If Danielle wishes to target a sixth person, the oldest illusion will fade away or a random target one will if all were created at the same time.

The illusions tend to have an overwhelming, near paralyzing effect on the person. While each target reacts in different ways, typically they are either overcome with fear and flee or become rooted to the spot to gain whatever they wished for.

In addition, Dani can use her powers to do the following:

  • PSIONIC ARROWS - Danielle can focus her psionic abilities to create psionic arrows which can stun a target. This is either due to overwhelming desire or through neural overload. As the arrows are not real, Danielle always hits her target.

  • ANIMAL EMPATHY - Danielle has the ability to form a psionic bond with higher level animals, such as non-human primates, canines, felines and birds. She is able to perceive images, emotional states, and see through their eyes. However this is limited by the animal’s inability to truly conceptualize. It makes it nearly impossible to ask questions and get true answers or at least answers she is looking for. She can also use her illusions on animals down to fish and insects. This empathy extends to shapeshifting mutants. In their animal form, Dani is able to form a psionic bond with them. How much she is able to learn from them depends on how much of their human mind is kept along with any built in mental shields. It is also up to Dani to sort out which images are the human mind, and which are the animal impressions. This power does not extend to Feral mutants. With limited exception, Dani cannot use her empathic abilities on partially shifted mutants unless they already process a significant emotional bond.

With enough time and focus, Dani will eventually be able to make truly 3D images that are not completely attached to an emotional state. These images will last as long as she contrates on them and she will be limited to one at a time.
Danielle needs to physically see her targets. While any enhancement to her sight, such as a sniper scope or binoculars, extends her range, she is unable to use her powers on someone she cannot physically see, even if they might be right behind her (say invisible or behind a wall). She also needs to be in some amount of physical proximity to the target and cannot use it over electronic mediums such as seeing the target on a television screen. Despite the fact that Dani mentally probes the target's mind for what their desire or fear is, Dani is not a telepath. She has no idea what image is pulled until it appears as the illusion.

In times of great stress or emotional instability, Dani can sometimes lose control. In these moments, her powers are unlimited in scope but she is unable to remember any of the images she triggered. When she was younger, this was often an issue while she slept and had nightmares. However, currently, it rarely occurs at night unless she is subject to significant emotional distress during the day. A simple nightmare will no longer cause her to trigger. As Dani’s powers are psionic based, mental shields can affect her powers. The stronger the shields the harder time she has breaking through. True telepaths such as Emma Frost, Charles Xavier, and Jean Gray are completely immune unless they wish to lower their shields.

  • Psionic Arrows - Dani can only shoot one arrow at a time and must still have visual contact with the person she is shooting. Despite their accuracy, they still can't curve around to places that Dani can't see. She also needs a focus, usually using her grandfather’s bow. It takes her ten seconds of concentration to make an arrow.
  • ANIMAL EMPATHY - The images that come across are not always clear and are often indistinct. Since animals are not human, and they see the world differently, her ability is difficult to use to ask pointed questions or to ‘interrogate’ animals.
The first thing most people encounter with Dani is a thick shell. Danielle doesn’t open up easily and she has been hurt in the past. In many ways she feels like everyone abandons her. She knows it isn’t true but it doesn’t fix the basic problems.

If people work past that shell, they find that Dani is warm and caring. She cares deeply about her friends and those that she considers her family. She will go above and beyond for almost any of them. Working until she is exhausted to help them out.

Those are her good qualities. Her close friends and her family see the other, darker parts of her personality. Danielle is stubborn. She digs her heels in, more when she thinks she is right. She has been described more than once as bull-headed. She comes by it honestly, both her grandfather and father could be insanely stubborn. She has been known, when things get rough, to just go camping and not talk to many people during that time. The weather doesn’t matter when she does and at least once she had to be coaxed back in by her friends because there was an actual concern that she might freeze.

Danielle also has another layer that Rahne and just a few others have ever heard about. She is scared of her powers. Even having them longer than not, she still is scared of them. She has seen what happens when she gets out of control and how devastating that can be. She has also seen what happens when people use fear against others. Each time it has caused her slight regression in her control before she became stronger. Each time almost urging her to gain more control.

On top of all of this, Dani is also very proud. She is proud of where she came from. She is proud of her heritage. She is even proud of being a mutant.

Danielle was the first and only child of Peg Lonestar and William Moonstar. Peg had grown up in California and had opted to become a nurse. While her connection to the larger Cheyenne nation was distant, she was a full blooded member of the tribe. Her parents had opted to move to San Francisco in the 60s and raise their daughter there, away from the traditional and conservative members of the tribe in Montana. William was the son of the medicine man on the Northern Tribe Reservation. He went to school and became a reservation sheriff, which unfortunately lead to the arrest of his father on drunk charges or assault more than once. The proud Black Eagle reduced as much as the reservation was.

The hope had always been that William would meet someone on the Reservation, marry and follow in Black Eagles footsteps but as William hit his mid-20s and showed no interest in the traditional ways, Black Eagle mourned for the loss. Until William met Peg. The woman had decided, following the death of her parents, to work at the badly understaffed Indian Health Services. They were married and Peg soon fell pregnant with Danielle.

Until Danielle was eight, her life was good. The reservation was poor, and neither of her parents made much money but she was well loved. She had friends. She went to the reservation school. Once a month, her father and mother had family friends over, or they went to their house. While there were still some level of estrangement between Black Eagle and William, it never seemed to affect Danielle’s relationship with her grandfather.

At eight the dreams started. Dreams of a bear. Nightmares really. Dani running into her parents room and climbing into bed with them. Becoming clingy and scared of even going to school. Convinced that something bad was going to happen when she wasn’t around. Her mood changed. Going from a happy content child, to a sullen one. The nights out were no longer fun for Danielle. Always wanting to keep her parents in her sight.

It was exhausting for them all. In need of a break, and with promises that they would be okay, just after Danielle’s ninth birthday, Peg and William opted to go on a camping trip leaving Dani with her grandfather. The whole night, Dani was hysterical. Her grandfather, who had been trying to work with her for the last year, found himself now helpless as the young girl begged and pleaded at his feet. Telling him they weren’t coming home. That the Bear was going to get them unless she was around to stop them. It was the first night Dani ever tasted alcohol. A last ditch attempt by Black Eagle to allow the girl to sleep.

She was devastated when they didn’t return. Even though she knew they wouldn’t. She blamed Black Eagle for it. After a week, she was taken in by family friends, the Daniels. She tried to feel normal again but the old Dani never truly recovered. Her dreams went back to just being that, though every now and then the Bear would still appear. Almost taunting her.

Then things changed again. After getting in a fight with the Daniel’s son, a boy named Pat who she was the same age as, she unexpectedly psychically lashed out at him. The image of his fear and desire were shown standing next to him. Rather than attempt to explain what she couldn’t, the young girl fled. She spend the first night in her old house. That night her powers manifested and seeped into the dreams of the reservation residents in a mile. All of them dreaming about their greatest fears. All of them waking in cold sweats and nightmares. It took no time for them to connect all the dots. Thankfully someone sympathetic to Dani’s family alerted Black Eagle to the problem. Her grandfather took her back to the mountains with him.

For the next few years, Dani was raised mostly in isolation. Black Eagle provided basic schooling, though the subjects were vastly different then what most people learned. History of the Cheyenne people. The Language. The Religion. He taught her to hunt, to fish and to survive. The last was hard on the girl. Left outside for days no matter the weather. He told her it was to make her able to survive any trials that might come but Dani was never sure what he meant.

But her powers grew and even isolated started to seep back at times to the reservation. Concerned about the reaction and worried that Dani’s powers were growing faster then he could teach her, Black Eagle reached out to William’s old army buddy, Charles Xavier. Before he could arrive, Dani’s accidently used her powers on her grandfather, causing him to see a vision of his death.

The day Xavier showed up, so did some other people attempting to recruit Danielle, or study her. Black Eagle started to hold them off, her vision came true. Black Eagle was killed. Xavier and the student that came with him moved up into the mountains and the three of them used their powers to overcome the attackers.

It took a little while at the institute before Dani really started to feel like she fit in. Rahne Sinclair and her became fast and best friends, despite the distance between them. Her and the Scottish werewolf bonded and it was the first, and since only time, that Dani found she could use her empathic bond with Rahne even with the girl in a half shifted form. The two of them meant so much to each other that they even learned how to text and skype to keep in contact.

Slowly Danielle gained control. Slowly the Bear dreams faded away. Only to be replaced by other fears, fears that her fellow students and her teachers weren’t right. The fact that the school was now becoming a military encampment scared her because that wasn’t what the school was suppose to be. Knowing that her grandfather’s dying wish was for her to be at the school, she worked with the rebellian to help as best she could. Her ability to create psionic arrows starting to develop during this time. Had the execution of Alex Summers gone on as planned, Dani was planning on shorting out his neural pathways before death took him. A small mercy she thought.

With her powers still of questionable control, Danielle was not selected for the Savage Land trip, something that made her lash out a bit at those around her as she went out into the woods and proceed to camp there for a week before, eventually, coming back inside without a word about it. The only one who knew how upset and disappointed she was was Rahne.

When the end of the world came, Danielle stood with the X-Men. Fighting and using her powers to help defend the school and the world. Seeing in Apocalypse and his followers everything wrong. Her ideals corrupted. It was during that time that Dani decided that she was never going to be brought low.

Shortly after, the best thing ever happened. Rahne moved to the mansion. Joining Danielle in New York. It didn’t matter that the two of them hadn’t ever lived in the same place, they just picked up straight from their last conversation.

Onslaught brought out something terrifying for Dani, more then others, she saw what could happen if her powers were allowed to run amok. Seeing what could happen if she let fear and horror control her powers, become part of her powers, she started to work with Rahne at first and then with others to expand what she could do. Finding that she could cause people’s inner desire to appear before them as well.

The Purifier attacks and what was occuring in Mutant Town just reminded her how far the world had to go. She worked as best she could to prevent the attacks, fighting the purifiers that were attacking. Until her home blew up.

Xavier’s had been her home, more even then the Rez ever was. It was also a last straw for her. She opted not to join the team in the Savage Land. Instead, she went back to the Rez. Now in better control of her powers, she started to help some of the scared mutants there. Not many but she hadn’t been the only one blessed, or cursed, with powers. Without Xavier’s she did her best to teach them and train them. She did go back to New York during this time, to attend the wedding of Rahne and Jack Russell. Excited and happy for her best friend.

So when the news reached her that the school was reopening, Dani took those students, those that wished to at least, and returned to New York. She questioned her choices again when Scott was killed, even as she went to university to learn to be a social worker.

She was as surprised as anyone when Scott returned, skeptical as well about it. Only to have to again face what she could become, face what could happen when Exodus infected everyone with their fears. It made her start to rethink the path she was on again.

However any thoughts she had about changing her path or leaving was put on hold while they dealt with the Dark X-Men. But her doubts about the X-Men were still there. That they were trying to bring up the younger generations, such as her godson Greg Russell, trying to show peaceful coexistence and so far it had just kept backfiring on them.

Shortly thereafter, she decided to go join X-Factor. Finding something that was more proactive to be a better fit for her. The X-Men were fine and good but years and years of trying and failing made her wonder if they were too passive. Reacting rather than being proactive.

Lately she has been concerned with the disappearance of Illyana Rasputin and has decided to try and find just where the magic user has gone to.

rp sample
Danielle drove up the long drive to the mansion. She hadn’t really been here for a few months. It was odd to think that it wasn’t home anymore, but it hadn’t been for a year or so now. Not since moving into the X-Factor housing. Today though? Today was a good reason to come back.

She grabbed the bag from the backseat as she got out. Taking a deep breath of just ‘nature’. She missed that from living in the city. That piece she wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to. Walking outside and just being in the woods. Of hearing the noise of the animals, of them talking to each other. The trees were just starting to bud, making her smile softly at it.

She tried not to think too hard about how many time she had walked in and out of these doors. How many times she had laughed and cried near these steps. How much of her memory was seered into the woods?

She shook the thoughts off and stretched. Today wasn’t about her. The bag was brightly colored. Just some tissue paper peeking over the top. Her hair was loose today, since she wasn’t expecting any issues. Though she knew better then to assume NOTHING would happen. She did have a hair holder on her wrist, just in case.

She hesitated before ringing the doorbell. That feeling so odd to her now. But she did and two seconds later caught the projectal that leaped from the door and wrapped around her. Dani gave a laugh and wrapped her arms around it. “Happy Birthday Greg.” She grinned still keeping the package out of his reach. “Why don’t you show me to your Mama?” She put him down and took his hand as he lead her back home.

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Central time, but work overnights
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Marvel Wiki - Danielle Moonstar , Various Cheyenne related wikis.
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It was Crypt but now I just live here
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