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 Beast, Henry P. McCoy

played by:
Henry Phillip McCoy
Marital status:
John Hamm
physical attributes
500 lbs
Stocky, built, and heavily muscular, Hank's frame alone certainly earns him his codename. Weighing in at roughly four-hundred pounds and change, he is built strong and hardy, a gift from mother nature, as it were.
eye color:
hair color:
On his off time, Hank enjoys a loud shirt and a comfortable pair of shorts. He's got a few suits he can squeeze into, and during school hours he's most likely to be found tucked into nice but casual clothes.

UNIFORM: McCoy wears a one-piece uniform in the X-Men's traditional gold-yellow and black. Since his transformation from large man into large monstrous man he's foregon the mask he adopted in his youth, preferring to work with a little bit of fear-striking ferocity when antagonizing antagonists.
biographical details
Dunfee, Illinois
current residence:
registered with shield:
time at institute:
    Edna McCoy | Mother
    Norton McCoy | Deceased
    Dark Beast | Off-brand Sibling
    Big Blue
    Bouncing Beast
Genetic Atavism: Though originally billed as the Bouncing Beast due to incredible and superhuman feats of agility and strength, Hank McCoy's evolution has, unlike many mutants, continued onwards much like time itself, and, if theories he's postulated ultimately come to pass, will continue to progress further as time wears inevitably on.

Henry McCoy's current state of mutation is regressive in nature, at least physically speaking. He is possessed of heavy, animalistic features, mimicking some of nature's most powerful animals including monkeys, apes, and early hominids. This began as, simply put, big feet and hands, and slightly more-than average hirsuteness. This however was agitated by a misinformed attempt to cure himself of percieved ugliness that left him more visually distinctive than he'd been to begin with, a true lesson in love thyself.

Superhuman Strength, Stamina, Durability, and Speed
Due to streamlined, more powerful, and overall superior muscle groups, the beast is a physical powerhouse. At his youngest days in the X-Men, he was able to lift from the ground one ton, and in the years hence has fortified himself to the point at which he could lift upwards of ten tons on a good day, enough to make him fiercely strong in a round of fisticuffs. As a result, he is also superbly fast, maintaining cheetah-like speeds of sprinting over short distances, faster if he transfers to a four-padded run. As a further result, his bodily tissues are dence and thicker, giving him an incredible amount of durability. Though his skin can't stop a bullet or even a blade, bludgeoning strikes aren't particularly threatening to him, especially when thrown as a punch. He's also relatively tireless, running himself at top gear for long periods with little regard for sleep or rest. For situations requiring longer; coffee.

Supherhuman Agility, Dexterity, and Senses
Enhanced perceptions give McCoy an increased awareness of his surroundings, and as such, an increased sense of Agility, dexterity, and reflex. His feet are just as capable as his hands, and he can turn on a relative dime. His balance, coordination, and general handling of his physical frame are second to none. Flips, rolls, handsprings and tumbles, he is incredibly spry for someone of his size. Furthermore, post regenesis his animal-like sub mutation has given him incredible senses of perception including enhanced eyesight (low-light vision), a keen sense of smell, and acute hearing.

Advanced Healing Factor (The Rolex Effect)
Beast heals from minor and grievous injury more quickly than others, moments, hours or days as opposed to days, weeks or months. That said, he does not regrow anything, can be killed normally, and his healing factor can't raise him from a flatline without external help.

Tooth and Nail
McCoy has fangs and claws. He despises using them for combat, though they are effective in close quarters as a last resort. Also of note are retractible, keen-edged claws on his hands and feet that combined with his strength are fully capable of rending flesh, wood, stone, and even metals, in addition to synthetic body armors like kevlar and ablative ceramic.

Genius Intellect
Whether or not it is a part of his mutation, Henry's astronomical intelligence is worthy of note; at the age of thirty-eight he is in possession of several PhDs and Master's Degrees in fields relating to genetics, biochemistry, electronics, and engineering.

Aside from mortal weaknesses, perhaps Beast's biggest fault is his own insecurity. Despite his brilliant mind, he has turned himself into an animal, and feral urges do exist no matter how deeply he chooses to bury them behind intellect and studiousness. This insecurity can be easily leveraged against him in a heated moment or by those possessed of the right empathic or telepathic gifts. Furthermore, should he lose control, it is the one sort of blow his often ineffable self esteem takes the longest to recover from, and no amount of self deprecative humor or good-natured shrugging will see fit to speed recovery.

Otherwise, Beast has the same weaknesses as any carbon based organism. While he maay be hardier and able to take far more punishment than any baseline human, he is still flesh, poke him and he bleeds. He might get a cold, but it won't affect him like it would a normal person. This doesn't preclude him from disease, but insulates him from it moreso than any average person.

Also twinkies.
Despite his name, Beast is refined and cultured. He likes the finer things in life, or at leas the finer things as he defines them. He's a fan of theater and of novels, though his library is in possession of far more than its share of reference and nonfiction. Despite these interests he's just as likely to be setting down in front of the tv for a good show or a movie. He is a tinkerer and student at heart but also an athelete of stellar prowess. His jack-of-all-trades mentality is what lends him so well to the life he now leads, an every-man-for-every-occassion support technician for the X-Men and a well-to-do Professor for several classes at the School that helped him find not only direction, but purpose.

Well mannered and polite, its very rare to find Doc McCoy in a bad mood. He tries always to see the glass half full and the silver lining is something he is accustomed to searching for in every cloud. This is not to say he doesn't have down moments or tough times, or to say that he's not posssessed of a temper. When danger presents itself, especially to those he cares for, one must consider to, basically, run for the hills.

While McCoy is hardly shy around his friends, he is sometimes reserved or even bashful, particularly around those he fancies. Otherwise however, he's taken the time since his mistakes at the Brand Corporation to own the new shape he forced himself into, and greets many with a confident handshake and sturdy introduction, or, in lighter times, is quick with a joke and a laugh, usually at his own expense.

McCoy isn't without his faults, however, simultaneously ignorant and arrogant, though neither often climb to a detrimental degree. He is incredibly smart, and he knows it, and those quick to second guess him ought to be ready for a long explanation of why exactly he isn't wrong. In the rare instances where he does prove ignorant of some unforeseen factor he is quick to adjust and adapt, and, though he doesn't like it, he is fine with eating his own foot if the results of such are a happy medium for all involved.

The animalistic tendencies in his nature don't often rear their ugly head but when they do, he is a dangerous man to be around, particularly when one's not on his side. He reigns it in well, however, and keeps that monster buckled down and beaten back in the interests of all present. It can be unleashed however, to dire effect.

On the subject of the mutant climate, he is of the same mind as the Professor who taught him. Humanity is a fearful, ignorant gang, but they can be taught, and they must be taught, that mutant does not snonymize with monster. He is, in his own head, a perfect example of that mentality, and though in his youth he was much more hot-headed and quick-tempered, his humbleness has grown in the years since those early days, and he strives to put the best foot forward in the interests of peace and coexistence.

Henry McCoy's early days are as innocuous as the next guy's. Born to Edna and Norton McCoy, he lived life well loved by his parents and well liked by his neighbors. A sweet boy, a kind boy, everyone said of him. The seventies flew by fairly quickly, and by rights, normally. Henry was an avid little learner, walking and talking much earlier than any of his friends, reading long before he began preschool, and his parents believed themselves to be nothing more than blessed. When he began going through puberty, however, things went a little sideways.

Despite his friends growing up to his earliest days in school, his placement in a broader, unified elementary middle-school meant meeting children older than him and, well, crueler than what he was used to. Namecalling, ribbing, all manner of bullying came into his life, stemming from the fact that he knew a little more, that he could do a little more than his classmates. Things only worsened at puberty. Hank's growth-spurt didn't sprout him up tall so much as it beefed him up in other places. Big feet, big hands, at first it was just assumed he was going through the paces of growing up, but as time carried on his parents began to worry. But, like that, Hank began to pick himself up. Stronger, faster, smarter, the kids who tried to pick on him quickly began to find themselves outclassed, and though Hank was far from big man on campus, he was getting there.

Disaster struck however, his senior year. By then an established and important part of the football team's strategems and plans, an group formed by rival schools saw fit to find records and expose him by revealing his mutant nature. At the same time, Hank used his mutant powers to stop a robbery during a football game, unwittingly exposing himself and confirming the assertions against him. At a time where mutants were treated with more fear than tolerance, this was enough for the parents of fellow students and some staff to petition for his removal from school.

Sulking in homeschool despite his parents' best attempts to raise his spirits, one day, he was approached by a strange man named Xavier who promised him unlimited potential for educational advancement at a private school in New York. Distraught and unwilling to be sequestered "at a school for freaks", the hot-headed Hank showed Xavier the door, though the Professor kept close watch on McCoy all the same, the days such that monitoring of a few bright mutant lights in detail was still possible.

Disaster struck though, as a man named Furio had heard of McCoy's intervention in the robbery at the school and, seeking to use him to bolster the muscle in his criminal empire, abducted his parents to blackmail him into servitude. Forced to steal a component for a high-tech weapon, McCoy and his family were rescued by the timely intervention of Charles Xavier and his newly recruited students. Eternally grateful for the aid, and asked a second time by Xavier, McCoy graciously accepted the chance for a new future, one where he'd help teach the world that people like himself were more than 'freaks' and 'weapons'.

The next few years moved quickly. Alongside his teammates, McCoy became one of the "X-Men", an elite team of mutants trained in private behind the doors of the Xavier School for Gifted Youth. His compeers quickly turned from partners to friends, especially Slim Summers and Jonny 'Volt' Harper.

Time wore on, and Hank's studious nature enabled him to take the Professor up on his offer of unlimited study, earning several degrees in incredibly short order. His tenure at the school began to wane however, and he sought employment of his talents in more noble areas, as well as areas far more related to his vanity.

The X-Men in this earliest iteration were rough but quickly growing in prowess and talent, and it was true that the team seemed indestructible, the core group remaining close even after the school opened its doors to newer, younger, and in some cases more powerful mutants, but tragedy struck when Jonny Volt was struck down in his prime; not in the line of duty, but by his own body.

Hank took a very long time to recover from the loss, and Jonny's illness had taken the last straw for the camel's back at the Institute; after his friend's death, Henry left the school for employment at the Brand Corporation full time, applying his various fields of expertise to several projects for them at once; this scatterbrained, multi-tasking approach would be the undoing of the Hank of old, however, and a serum devised to help him led to something far less desirable.

Discovering the hormonal components that trigger mutation, he backwards engineered it into a serum that would reverse the process; experimenting with it further, he developed a miracle drug that would reverse the physical attributes of his mutant gene without robbing him of its more desirable aspects such as his superhuman strength and speed. A rival employee was trying to capitalize on his research, however, and in a fit of ill-advised anger he took the serum and administered it, and at first it worked, but quickly things went haywire, his body warping and twisting further than it had ever been naturally.The results ended with him being far more Beastly, giving his mutation a feral, animalistic twist. Scrambling for the manufactured antidote, he'd discovered that his rival had had it destroyed it, overcome with a beastial rage, Hank nearly murdered the man, but was calmed from his rage by a woman he'd been seeing. When he got the antidote back, he administered it quickly, but he'd waited to long and the change that had come over him was permanent. A monster now in name and shape, he couldn't bring himself to face either his superiors or the woman who'd stopped him from the unimaginable.

For months, a harried (pun?) Dr. McCoy strove to correct his condition, ignoring pleas by phone from his old Xavier friends to return. The final stroke in his resistance and resolve came in 2005 when he was notified of the loss of Charles Xavier.

Returning to the school, McCoy pursued tireless investigations alongside others. But after a time, the worst case was excepted for fact. Despite his shame, all but forgotten in light of these terrible events, McCoy returned to the school full time, rejoining the X-Men and becoming a Professor himself at the Academy.

McCoy became an institution at the Institute. He kept himself quiet and reserved, much more so than he'd been in his more boisterous youth. His adopted family grew and grew, with new students and fellow employees. He struck up a kinship with Avery Doyle, his trusted assisstant, and watched as others came and went, as a hundred wild adventures were had, and as those once too shy to even speak with eachother found the nerve to confess everlasting love.

These new days back were not without turmoil, however, as the Brotherhood of mutants saw a resurgence in power. The cost was heavy, but the X-Men managed to quickly steimy them. Cyclops', abducted and tortured, was saved by his brother Alex, and the Brotherhood was chased into hiding.

But as would soon become the way of things, no good thing in any one mutant's life came without an equalizing force of nastiness to paint it with bad memories. When Jean and Scott returned from their honeymoon as the gestalt-minded ShadowX, the school took a grim turn. Turned into a iron-fisted military training hall, he was among those who raised up arms against former friends, ultimately proving instrumental when he designed and built a device that would cripple ShadowX and allow he and his compatriots to bring about its downfall. The school returned to some semblance of normalcy, but only briefly, as stellar interference cause a switch at the school, and the adults woke up as children and vice versa. Seemingly fixing itself, further adventures ensued in The Savage Land as well as a push to stop a sadist called the Scrambler, whose attacks shook the X-Men to their core.

In 2009, McCoy was abducted, but his absence was carefully covered and explained away by the machinations of Nathaniel Essex, the supervillain known only in the shadowy corners of the world as Mr. Sinister. He was placed into suspended stasis, his mind used as a biological computer while Essex created a much less moral and much less handsome copy to do his bidding. This clone, called The Dark Beast, moved on to create the Mutant "God" En Sabah Nur's Horseman soldiers from four prominentm mutant heroes. McCoy himself wasn't rescued until his fellow captive Madison Jeffries escaped with his comatose body during a lapse in Apocalypse's security. The two returned to the X-Mena dn their allies with information on the storm being leveled down upon them, but McCoy was forced to sit most of the rest of the fight out due to his injuries.

In the days fallowing the "Apocalypse", McCoy returned slowly to his duties at the school. An interdimensional event followed soon after, all circling around a younger, rejuvenated Charles Xavier discovered in En Sabah Nur's aftermath. The world began to violently collide with that of this "alternate" Xavier, a world which, robbed of his presence, had devolved into dystopian neglect. Despite increasingly frequent glimpses of his alternate, a gamma-irradiate monster called The Brute, McCoy perservered, eventually doing what he could to aid in mending the realities while a battle took place in a void between worlds with a being called Onslaught. In the end, the merging worlds were unlinked, saving both from annihilation and allowing the World Without Xavier to begin the slow process of healing.

The rise of the Purifiers was a rough time for all mutants, not just X-Men. The Xavier School managed for a very long time to avoid the useless and frequent violence, but eventually, they were betrayed by one of their own, a mutant named Jericho who had been brainwashed and conditioned by Purifier schools of thought. The school was nearly completely destroyed in a suicide bombing by the mutant, and in the burning, bloody aftermath, the Purifiers themselves unleashed and army of technologically impressive warriors of many shapes and sizes on the school. McCoy, along with Avery Doyle as well as the Brotherhood Acolytes Spitfire and Voght, ran a field triage while the combined forces of the X-Men, the Hellfire Club, and The Brotherhood of Mutants repelled the attack.

A cabal was formed in the aftermath, and the X-Men decided to retreat themselves to an emergency outpost in the Savage Lands codenamed Utopia while they rooted out the Purifiers and rebuilt the school. McCoy stayed in the Savage Lands, tending to the wounded and the preparation of Utopia for an extended stay, and the mutants of the world came together again to destroy the Purifier threat almost completely.

In the aftermath of the return of the Sentinels and the defeat of Nimrod by the assembled mutants of New York City, Magneto declared War on mankind, where Cyclops declared that they would always protect mankind and mutant alike, so long as they were allowed to. McCoy didn't agree with the ultimatum, thinking at the time that it sounded too close to a threat to counteract Erik Lensherr's machinations.

Erik Lensherr would prove not to be a problem for much longer, however, as the mutant leader quickly went silent after rumblings of a power struggle in the Brotherhood. Worse, people were beginning to act strange or outright disappear. Following the apparent death of a student, the Xavier Institute in Utopia went on high alert. Following a secretive, two-pronged attack, the Blackbird was destroyed and the shielding allowing transit to and from the Savage Lands was locked down, and while the Skrull Invaders began to ransack the outside world, the X-Men trapped in Utopia were set upon by an equally terrifying threat.

Informed of the Skrull origins by the computer sentience Danger and the knowledge of ancient technology planted into the minds of Scott and Jean, the X-Men were aware of what was happening, but it was too late. The mutant Marrow, infected by a parasitic race of aliens called The Brood, quickly degenerated in condition until she was reborn as a hybrid being called a Brood Queen, perfectly built to interface and interbreed with the population of Earth. Transforming three of the population into creatures bent to her will, the X-Men forced The Brood Queen from Utopia, but they had a time limit, as the Queen and the Skrulls who had infiltrated them warned that it was only a matter of time befiore they all suffered the same fate.

A desperate gambit formed in his mind, and Henry worked tirelessly around the clock on a hunch with the shapeshifting mutants and skrulls in Utopia to hurriedly devise an antidote that would kill the Brood Spores and prevent a permanent transformation. In combination with the telepathic powers of Jean Grey and the newly discovered Rachel Summers, they kept their wits even as their shapes twisted into that of giant insects. At the last moment, Danger, Henry, Jean, and the other future traveler Franklin Richards managed to instigate the dispersal of the serum, killing the lesser brood and reversing the transformations in the X-Men. The queen herself was given a special payload, and though it seemed like she was killed, even Marrow was saved, despite her murder of the Skrull who'd cured her.

McCoy and the reverted Skrulls, regressed into a higher form called the Nuwali, worked 'round the clock alongside the Xavier's medical staff to weaponize and synthesize the cure in massive amounts, and in a massive battle with the Skrull fleets over the US Eastern seaboard and beyond, the regressive serum was dispensed into the air currents, blanketing the world and crippling the Skrull fleet, forcing those resistant to the cure, genetically modified "Super Skrulls", to retreat back through the void to their home planet of Skrullos.

The next year only saw the X-Men find the briefest respite. A cadre of supervillains assembled in secret under the banner of Victor Von Doom began scheming to bring down the world's heroes and put themselves in positions of power. The X-Men remained mostly untouched, lending their hands wherever they could, until their leader and one of Hank's oldest friends, Scott Summers, was murdered on the X-men's home turf. Hank himself oversaw Josh Foley's psionic autopsy and declared his friend dead...

Still reeling from that tragedy, a few days later saw an attack on the school by a maddened Prodigy. Hank was driven into a feral rage during this attack covertly by the Hellfire member Mastermind, and turned on his own students. Thanks to Doreen Green, who quickly removed him from the building (painfully), he was spared doing any major harm, but in light of recent events, he remained shaken over the ordeal.

The times only grew worse, seeing the return of Scott Summers as an emmisary of The Hand and the abduction of several X-Men, who have all been transformed into a figurehead force of adversaries, The Dark X-Men.

McCoy's sudden enmity with an age old friend shook him, and as the tapestry unraveled further and the machinations of the Illuminati gave way to further and further hardship and tribulation, he found his normally ineffable resolve shaking and crumbling with little to be done about it. The conflict came to a head with the revelation of a cosmic power known as the Phoenix was released, the end goal of the Mastermind behind the Illuminati, Dr Doom. Hank McCoy assumed technical detail on the attack led on Paris by one of the Illuminati's maddened members, and when the world was saved, breathed a collective sigh of relief alongside his comrades.

The New 740
In the wake of the devastating actions of the Illuminati, the world was left in a state of fluctuating chaos, the very fibers of its reality left frayed and weakened by the raw power on display by Earth's last megalomaniac dream team. As a result, the darning at the edge of time needed some immediate needle work, and many strange incidents begin to take place. During an attack, Hank was injured during a battle against rampaging mutants unleashed by Sublime upon a small American town, removing him from the active combat roster. During his lengthy recovery, however, X-Men from the future, flung back into the past to fix problems before they became unfixable, the world underwent a shakeup, and various events were erased from time and memory, but for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and so Hank, no longer injured, found his new place in the timeline, back in Dunfee Illinois, where he'd taken extended leave from the X-Men to spend time with his ailing father in his declining years; Norton McCoy had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and even Henry McCoy couldn't cure cancer.

Henry's father died in early 2017, and Henry took the next few months to himself as well, both to process and to make sure his mother was taken care of. The world of mutants and madmen does not stop, however, and as he languished in Illinois, the world saw the return of threat after threat, until again the call to arms had become so loud that Henry could no longer ignore it, and, leaving his mother in the care of an assissted living facility, he packed his things and boarded a plane for New York.
rp sample
"What do you say at your own father's funeral?" He found himself wondering as the limousine bore he and a few extended family towards the cemetary. Outside of the long black car, you wouldn't have thought it to be a good day for a funeral. The weather was fair, not too hot, not too humid. The clouds were small, white, and puffy. The sun was bright. He'd always been under the impression that a funeral required rain and clouds.

The calling hours and the opening of the funeral were their own sort of strange social minefield - Hank had been well loved by his father, and was still well loved by his mother, but his extended family were a mixed bag - most of them remembered the ape-ish, stocky child - but most of his extended family had missed the part where he'd agitated his mutation into a hairy blue gorilla. There were a few terse greetings, a few repulsed glares, and more than a few "I remember you being shorter." jokes, but nobody was quite shameless enough to ruin Norton McCoy's funeral, especially by flaunting any potential distaste for mutants regarding his son.

The limousine proceeded into the cemetary behind the hearse, and finally to Norton's final resting place, where everyone gathered beneath a temporary pavilion, and Hank bore his father's casket on his shoulder before a few last words were spoken, and finally Hank took his place at the front of the gathering. He looked at the small, plane box that held his dad inside, briefly considering it before he spoke.

"There isn't a whole lot to be said that hasn't been said already about what a kind and beautiful man my father was, and it's no secret that my own love for Shakespeare was fostered by my father, so I'll instead invoke The Bard himself." He looked around. "First, on death; 'If I must die, I will encounter darkness as a bride, And hug it in mine arms.',"

Hank paused again before explaining, "My dad knew his clock was winding down well before us. He'd processed it long before us, and he took every step toward the end with tongue in cheek, finding a way to make sure that we knew he wasn't afraid of it, that he'd had a good long run, and that we were to let him go with dignity. In this singular line is encompassed his bravery in the face of knowing what we all refused to believe, and despite that, his humor never faded, his cheery nature never faltered. I have stared down terrifying things in my time, friends and family, terrifying, soul-shaking things, and nothing has terrified me more than the thought of my father, lying in a bed and fading out of the world,"

"And when I told him this, in those last days, he whooped me in the back of the head, shook his finger at me, and told me to go read Measure for Measure. I read it, and that was the line that stuck out to me the most. and I bring it up now because of it's strange contradiction - it's a comedy, billed as such, but to read it is to read a scathing review of it's contemporary ideals on justice. It kept it's comical facade up so that it could teach a lesson in a way that would hold attention. And that's what I'll always remember about Norton McCoy. His ability to take everything seriously and at the same time, not take it seriously at all, because in the end, it all came out in the wash. My dad taught me everything I know about being a good person. About taking the path less traveled so long as doing so was at least somewhat responsible."

Hank paused one more time. "I've a friend, probably one of my better friends. Very serious, very intense guy. I've learned a thousand things from him, but they're always hard lessons learned. Good ones, but tough. Rarely fun. That's not to say he's not a good guy, not a fun guy - we've had good times just as much as anyone else, but my father differs - differed, in that he knew how to make even life's most painful lessons a little less daunting, a little less exhausting. He could wring a smile out of the worst situations, and, despite the sun today, I think the world's just a little darker without him, but I know he'd just slap me in the back of the head and tell me to find a better angle to see it all from, and I think that's the important takeaway." Henry nodded as he stepped back from the head of the group, and then watched the casket sink into the Earth, he felt, somewhere, a set of eyes on him. Not suspicious, not frightening, but friendly. Comforting. Fatherly.
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