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 Monet St. Croix, 23 | X-men Legacy Squad | Emeraude Toubi
All the good ones.
played by:
Legacy Squad
Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix
also known as: ‘M’
Marital status:
X-Men Legacy Squad
Emeraude Toubia
physical attributes
125 lbs
eye color:
hair color:

Monet cares about her body, just like she does every other aspect of her life. She holds herself to a very high standard that she must constantly meet and if she doesn’t she will beat herself up until she returns to what she feels her proper status should be. When it comes to her body that means keeping it as near human perfection as she can.

Tall, dark haired, tan skinned, and naturally busty, Monet manages to perfectly walk the line between class and sex appeal. She has ambitions of being a model and makes sure her body is always in the shape it needs to be seen in. She carries herself with confidence, her hair always done, you almost never see her with messy or bed head hair. She also tries to not use much makeup preferring to be subtle with it and just highlight her natural beauty.

Her smile can be warm and pleasant but she rarely flashes her genuine smile, most of the time her lips are curled into a smirk with more than a subtle condescending feel to it. In order to achieve her desired look, Monet keeps a daily workout regime that she follows like some people follow religion. This workout mixes weights, cardio, and combat training to find the perfect blend for her body.

When it comes to clothes, M is very detail driven. If her outfit isn’t as perfect as she is there will be hell to pay. Almost all of her clothing is tailor made for her, and often more form fitting than a lot of other people would be comfortable with. She rarely shows name brands and prefers sticking to designers and small boutique shops so the chances of her sharing her look with another are much smaller. Monet will never be found outside of her high heels unless she is at the beach, the gym or the rare instance where heels would just not work. Having the heels also makes her taller and gives her a much more intimidating presence when she is talking to people, being able to look them in the eye or down at them are the positions she prefers to be in during any conversation she finds herself in.

Her style also flares up in her battle uniforms. She has two standard field uniforms, one is white and the other in black. They both are made out of leather and finished off by red trim to add a pop of color to her look while on the battle field.

biographical details
Sarajevo, Bosnia
current residence:
Xavier's School for the Gifted
registered with shield:
time at institute:
Seven years
    Louis St. Croix (grandfather)
    Lenore St. Croix (step-grandmother, deceased)
    Cartier St. Croix (father)
    Jamila St. Croix (mother, deceased)
    Marius St. Croix (older brother)
    Claudette and Nicole St. Croix (Twin younger sisters)
    Hollow (Sister)

Some would say Monet won the lottery when it comes to mutant genes, if you ask her she will tell you she is just perfection down to the genetic level. She has a wide range of powers that include superhuman physiology which allows her enhanced strength, speed, tissue density, and reflexes, she is also able to fly, has basic telepathy and telekinesis abilities, along with a mid-level healing factor.

Superhuman Strength: Monet is able to lift up to 10 tons. Ten tons is her max for a deadlift weight, when she picks something up that is at this weight she cannot swing or throw the object. She is limited to a max weight of 8 tons when it comes to weight she can move and freely use, if she wishes to use the object as a weapon to swing or throw at someone she has to make sure it is under 8 tons.

Superhuman Speed: She is capable of running and moving at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. She can reach a top speed of 30 mph when she pushes herself. It should be noted this is only her running speed, and her flight speed is much faster than what she could achieve on ground.

Superhuman Reflexes: Currently her reflexes are roughly ten times greater than that of an ordinary human. The speed of her reflexes allows her to dodge most attacks by a normal person that she see’s coming.

Superhuman Endurance: Her body doesn’t suffer fatigue like a normal body. It takes longer for the toxins to build up in her body and cause her to tire out. Because of this she is able to run longer, fight harder, and be in the heat of battle well beyond what a normal person would be able to withstand.

Supernaturally Dense Tissue: Her body-tissue, skin, muscles, and bones are extremely dense, allowing her to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, extreme pressures, and changes in temperature. It also is what allows her to resist tearing a muscle or her bones shattering easily from the strain they are put under from her super strength.

Mid-Level Healing Factor: Even with all of the physical things she has going for her it is still possible to injure Monet. Lucky for M she possesses a regenerative quality allowing her to heal over time and recover from most types of wounds. The effect also has the advantage of making her more resistant to toxins, disease and helps to slow her aging process.

Flight: Monet is able to achieve self-propelled flight. Through the use of her telekinesis she is able to achieve flight. Her top speed when she pushes herself is Mach 3.

Enhanced Senses: Two out of her five senses are enhanced by her mutation. Her hearing and sight work at superhuman levels. Monet is able to hear things from a great distance away, she can hear a conversation going on across the room as if she was standing right next to the person. She is also able to see in night and telescopic vision respectively but not at the same time.

Low Level Telepathy: She has access to low level telepathic powers and is able to do things like read minds and project her thoughts into the minds of others. She is also able to defensively mask her mind against telepathic intrusion, defense has been her main training she focuses on when it comes to her telepathy as she hates the idea of someone else being inside her head.

Low Level Telekinesis: Currently this part of her powers are very underdeveloped, she is only able to project TK waves as concussive force to knock objects or people away from her. Her most refined use of her TK is flight, but in battle she is very rudimentary with it, and works as more of a distance maker when people are on top of her then an actual source of power she taps into.


Mental Powers: As a whole her mental based powers are weaker than her physical mutations. She relies on being able to punch her way out of most problems, and this has led to her under developing and placing less importance on her mental powers.

Telepathy: She is strong enough to work through a normal person’s mind or those with a weak defense. If a person has a strong mental block in place, or is another telepath she will have a hard time to no chance at all of getting into their head and placing thoughts in their minds to get them to do something for her. She also needs to be able to see the person she is looking to connect with, she is not strong enough to reach out and find minds in the world like many telepaths, she has to be in the same room and within eyesight of the person she is trying to speak to or comply to do something for her. Her max limit for her telepathy is 60 feet in front of her. Her mental block only works against other low-level telepaths and some mid-level ones if she knows they are trying and is able to focus all of herself into stopping them.

Telekinesis: She has very little control of this power. She can’t move objects or people gracefully, it’s more like a panicked push of power. She pushes out and can focus the blast with limited guidance past direction of the burst but it is often a last resort for her, or she waits until they are in close so she is sure she can hit the person with the wave and not catch her friends in it as well.

Healing Factor: Small cuts, bruises, and things that graze the surface of her skin are easy for her to heal in a matter of seconds. But her healing factor has limits and an elongated time table as it is not as strong as it is for mutants who have it as a core part of their power set. Deep cuts and gashes can take her a few hours to heal, nearly lost limbs take her about a week to heal, a lost limb depending on the amount lost will take her anywhere from two weeks to a month to fully regrow. It should be noted she can not regrow her head or heart in full. She still needs an active brain and heart in order for her healing factor to work.

Strength: When she is lifting up to her max she can maintain holding it up for a max of 20 mins before she will feel the effects of the weight and start having trouble maintaining that kind of output. If she is in combat and using her max level of combat strength continuously she can go for an hour before the fatigue will catch up with her.

Flying Speed: Flying at Mach 3, her top speed she can push herself at that speed for an hour before she starts to tire. Her normal flight speed is around the same as a passenger plane and she is able to maintain this for hours without feeling the effects of flying.

Overconfidence: Monet buys into the idea that she is perfect and can do no wrong. She lives to be the best, and has to push herself to be the best. Because of this she will often rush in, under estimate those she is fighting, and put herself in situations she could have avoided had she been more reserved and relied on others besides herself.


Monet embodies the gifts of charisma and confidence, and projects an authority in a way that if she learned to use right could draw people together. But most people first impression of Monet is that she's a cold-hearted, calculating bitch who thinks very highly of herself. She tends to use her gifts with a ruthless level of rationality, using her drive, determination and sharp mind to achieve whatever end she desires.

If there’s anything Monet loves, it’s a good challenge, big or small that allows her to show how much better she is then others. She firmly believes that given enough time and resources, she can achieve any goal. This quality might be one of her most dangerous as she is able to strategically think and hold a long-term focus while executing each step of her plans with determination and precision. This determination is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, as Monet will push her goals through with sheer willpower where others might give up and move on, and her outgoing nature means she is likely to push everyone else right along with her, achieving the end result she desires weather they wanted to come along or not.

Monet can come across as very dominant, relentless, and unforgiving. This isn’t because she is purely cold hearted or vicious, it’s more that she genuinely enjoys the challenge, the battle of wits, the repartee that comes from the chance to prove she is as good as she thinks she is, and if the other side can’t keep up, that’s no reason for Monet to fold on her own core tenet of ultimate victory in all things.

If you are out to earn Monet’s respect, it’s best you prove to her early on you are able to stand up to her, weather it is in a physical sense or an intellectual sense. Those who she sees as able to act with a precision and quality equal to their own, will earn her respect and admiration. Monet is very good at recognizing the talents of others, and this helps in both her team-building efforts (since no one, no matter how brilliant, can do everything alone), and to keep her from displaying too much arrogance and condescension as those she lets near tend to balance her out.

Those few that do break through the image that Monet projects see an entirely different side of her, one that can be warm and affectionate in a way that most people would not be able to imagine M could be. It's a side that only her younger siblings almost always get to see, particularly Hollow, her clear favorite out of the three. Monet does have a set of morals and her own code of honor. She never preys on innocents or those weaker than she is. These types were never any kind of challenge or pose a threat to her own advancement. But that does not mean she isn’t still a bit cold to those she deems not worth her time. Unfortunately for her she has a particular skill in calling out others’ failures with a chilling degree of insensitivity, and this is where M really starts to run into trouble. She will defend it by saying brutal honest truth is what might just save them.

Monet would claim she has no flaws, though that in and of itself is one of her biggest flaws. She is highly confident in herself when it comes to all aspects of her life and not without reason, but it can veer into overconfidence and that's where things can go wrong for her, with her overconfidence leaving her vulnerable to be caught unawares by people clever and resourceful enough to do so. As both a perfectionist and control freak, Monet is fine as long as things go as she's planned, but carefully laid plans go wrong, she is prone to losing her normal poise/cool and making rash decisions she would normally not.

Under all of these layers of self-worth, perfection, and the chase of perfection is a very scared and very hurt girl. Monet suffered a lifetime of childhood trauma at the hands of her older brother, and she has never worked through it. Admitting a part of her is broken would be admitting she isn’t the perfect daughter her father tells her she is, and Monet can’t bring herself to do that. There are very few people who Monet has ever let get close enough to know about the fears, the pains, and the worries she keeps buried and locked away inside her. She sees what happened to her when she was young due to her own weakness and failure. Now she has to be strong, and everyone around her who she loosely considers a friend needs to be strong as well so she knows they are safe. Her bitchy nature is in part misplaced care for those around her, but she is herself a bit emotionally stunted to properly handle what she is feeling and projecting to others.

Emotional expression isn’t the strong suit of hers, but because of her social and outgoing nature, Monet’s distance from her emotions is especially public, and felt directly by a much broader group of people. Without fully meaning too Monet will simply crush the sensitivities of those she views as inefficient, incompetent or lazy. To Monet emotional displays are displays of weakness, and it’s easy to make enemies with this approach – it is hard at times for Monet to remember that she absolutely depends on having a well-oiled and tight knit team, not just for her goals to be met but for her to grow and be happy as a person.

Monet’s personality can be overwhelming, and she can cultivate an image of being larger than life. Monet is in a constant struggle to remember though, that her stature comes not just from her own actions, but from the actions of the team that props her up, and that it’s important to recognize the contributions, talents and needs, especially from an emotional perspective, of her friends.


Born during a skiing holiday in Sarajewo, Monet was the second child of Cartier St. Croix and his wife. Growing up, Monet had everything she could have wanted; her parents made sure she went to private schools. She had a good circle of friends in the higher ends of society and would regularly travel the world.

Due to his work as an ambassador her dad wasn’t around much. But when he was he always made sure he had time to spend with his favorite child Monet. Because of this her siblings often felt neglected by him, and Monet over the years developed a bit of a snobbish attitude seeing herself as better than everyone around her.

Tragedy struck when her older brother, Marius, manifested his mutant power to feast on other people’s bone marrow, with his own mother becoming his first victim. His body was mutated as well and he ran away terrified of what he did and became. Not long after Monet’s mutant powers manifested themselves as well. But when Monet figured out she had powers as well she was not upset, she saw them as a gift and not a curse. They only added to her perfection.

Emplate the name her brother was going by returned to propose an alliance; together they could rule the strange dimension in which he held a connection too, and once they ruled there he said they could come back and rule earth as well as Gods. Monet already had everything she wanted, and she pointed out the hideous mutation and what the other dimension was doing to him. Telling him she would never want to look like that, and be a freak like that. Monet got her brother so angry that he decided to punish her. Harnessing the power of the strange realm he was talking about, Emplate transformed his sister into Hollow. The Hollow body she was trapped in was a mute body with red, razor-sharp skin.

The youngest sisters of the pair came in and saw their brother, the red creature with him and no M. They assumed he did to her what he had done to their mother, out of anger and rage they banished him back to the realm he came from and Monet had no choice but to follow as her brother was the only one who could undo what was done to her. Emplate locked her away in a prison and used her as his main source of food while they were trapped there, when the twins banished him they also wiped the part of his mind that let him travel to earth so he was having to re-learn how to cross dimensions again.

It was 2008 when Monet was taken to his dimension, Monet would not see her home world for another two years. When the worlds started to collide in the WWX event, it created a ripple through other dimensions that were tethered to the earth as well. This gave Emplate an opening to return to earth with Monet in toe. Angry for being banished so long Emplate went looking for the twins wanting to make them suffer for all they did to him, Monet followed in toe more of a scared animal then a person at this point from the years of abuse at the hands of her brother.

When the pair arrived at the family house in Monaco, there was a gala of some type going on. Most likely her father raising money or pushing for some new bill to be passed. Emplate caused a panic when he burst in, he cleared the room killing a few guards along the way. The twins were not happy to see him, an argument broke out between them and Emplate, things quickly turned violent though and Emplate had grown to strong it seemed for the girls. Monet mustered all the courage she could fine and leaped at Emplate and dug her diamond claws deep into his back causing him to let the girls go and turn his attack against her. As he was attacking Monet the girls merged their minds with his and took the fight to a telepathic plane. While in there they learned the truth about Monet and Hollow. Emplate eventually forced the girls out of his mind and returned the fight to the physical world. The local authorities were alerted and locked the scene down as a fight raged inside the house, not being use to mutants the local authorities reached out to a local group of mutant hunters to come in and lend them a hand in taking down the mutants inside of the house. The twins had merged their minds with Monet’s to try and free her as the house was being breached and Emplate was still in pain from the stab by Monet.

The small group of mutant hunters breached the house and when they came in Monet saw them taking aim at her sisters and out of panic she leaped at them and started slashing at them. When one of her slashes hit an explosive on the waistband of one of the men, it set off an explosion that sent them all flying across the room. The explosion was enough to disjoint Monet from the Hollow body. When the smoke cleared and their father came running back in with his personal guard he found all four of his children back, and a fifth one as Hollow was alive as well on her own.

Their father felt bad for neglecting the twins all the years that M had been gone, and wanted to put the family back together. He blamed himself for the monster that Emplate had become. Monet, on the other hand, would have rather seen her brother dead and in her anger she told her father that it was too late to make up for past mistakes. She hugged and thanked her sisters then stormed out of the house angered at her father's choices.

The event made the local news and was a bit of a media hype train at the time as not much excitement happened in the small country. The X-men had seen the news and sent a team out to see if they could help any of the mutants, her father refused to let then X-men on the grounds as there had been enough mutants around his family for the night he felt. They were able to find an angry and bitter Monet who was wandering a local club not sure where to go. After talking she agreed to give the school a chance, there were a lot of bad memories of her time as Hollow linked to her home, her family, and she welcomed the chance to leave that all behind her.

She didn’t tell the X-men about her time as Hollow and what all had happened to her. That was her failure, her pain, her issues to deal with. When she got to the school she put up the only front she knew, the snobbish rich girl. She had new challenges, new things to conquer. Classes, powers, and danger room sessions. She had to master them all, there wasn’t any other choice in her mind but to be the best at the school.

When the purifiers attacked Monet was enraged. She found the actions of them to be cowardly and broke every moral code she had. Attacking kids and hunting out the weak on campus they could overpower and kill was the lowest form of life to her. She did what she could to help get the other students to the safe zone, but she really wanted to just rip them all apart and dare them to fight those who could fight back. Retreating to the savage land felt like a loss to her, and she hated to lose. She hated it in the savage land, it was outdoors, there was bugs, and it was not the type of place she wanted to be longer than just a trip. Her time there had Monet being more moody than normal and she spent much of the time sulking on her own when she wasn’t needed to help around the base they were in.

When the brood outbreak started it was a combination of all of the worst things in Monet’s life coming together. Her body was again going to be changed without her say, and she was not going to be her highly perfected self. She was mentally a mess and more than happy to join the fight to attack the brood dinosaurs as she just wanted to rip something apart. When the cure hit and they all reverted back, Monet had a moment to reflect on what just happened and all the fear and pain from her time as Hollow flooded back to her and she broke down in tears. She retreated into herself while the rest of the X-men went off to fight the skrulls. She stayed behind to help those still in the savage land and tried to get her emotions under control and bury her past back down deep inside her where she liked to keep it.

When they got back to the school she doubled down on her training and studying. She was under the impression if she was stronger, faster, and better at her powers she would be able to fight off any invaders inside her body. She blamed herself for letting the brood take her over, and she knew on some level it was illogical, Monet knew she couldn’t beat something out of her control. She couldn’t win against fate, so it was easier to blame herself and push herself harder. She missed the events with Prodigy at the school, as she took a trip home to visit her sisters and father for the first time since the Emplate incident. On this trip she had fun catching up with her sisters, and she forgave her father but she refused to see or speak with or about her brother. Monet swore he was dead to her.

After her trip she returned to the school and her training. It was disrupted by the Dark X-men attacking. Monet fought with all she could to help protect the school, and those she called friends. She wasn’t going to lose on her home turf again if she could help it. The purifiers pushed them out, she wasn’t going to let the twisted X-men do it as well. She fought as hard as she could but it all seemed in vain until Jean undid what was done to Scott and the tides of the battle could turn.

When Monet graduated high school she took some time off. She went home to Europe to be close to her sisters and figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Monet decided to try and get back into modeling. While she was away from the school she got into doing fashion shows around Europe. She still kept an eye on the news to see what was happening back in America and for any mentions of her friends. She would never say it out loud but she did miss the school at times. She got a few modeling gigs along the way, but when the news broke about the attack on Genosha and the Brotherhood being back, a part of her missed being among the X-men, fighting and making the world a better place.

After the fashion shows she had lined up in January and February ended she told her agent to hold off on any more bookings for the foreseeable future and booked a flight back to America. She returned to the school and resumed her training wanting to become part of the Legacy squad and help her friends with the coming threat ahead, though she would never say that part out loud. She was eager to prove herself as an X-man and rise to the top like she had in other areas of her life.

rp sample

It’s been said that if you have a strong purpose in life, you don't have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there. Passion to be the best had always driven Monet, she wanted to be the smartest in her classes, fly the highest, run the fastest, and punch the hardest. She longed to be seen as the best, to be recognized for being strong and able to carry the pressures of life. In many ways she wanted to be a superwoman, she thought if she could be a hero then all the darkness inside her would eventually die out and never hurt her again.

She flew through the air towards the school, it felt good to fly. The wind in her face, the stillness of the sky she loved it she tumbled through the sky, a few barrel rolls and dives. It was so relaxing, so freeing, she took a deep breath as she went letting her mind clear and focus. She was ready to take this serious, to push herself, to prove she deserved to wear the X. As she came up to the school she could start to hear them, the scream of the students, the noises of students learning to control their powers. A small smile crept onto her lips as she got closer, it was the sounds of home.

As she landed the smile quickly faded back into her normal smug smirk. She touched down on the front lawn with the same grace as she had on the runway. She was ready to commit, ready to prove she was up to the task, she knew she had the powers and the spirit. Now most likely her biggest challenge was set before her… she had to get approved to be a part of the squad. She needed to prove to the staff she was ready for the spot, for them to see in her what she saw in herself.

She walked up the steps and into the school, her fingers tracing along the walls it had been awhile since she had been back here. She whispered softly to herself when she was sure she was out of the ear range of others. “It’s good to be home.” She paused in front of the door labeled Summers and took a deep breath and composed herself. Her hand gave a firm but friendly tap on the door as she was ready to let Scott & Jean know she was back and here to stay. That she finally figured out what she wanted out of life.

“Afternoon Mr. Summers, it’s Monet.” She called out as she popped her head into the office door and slipped into the office closing it behind her, a smile on her face and the ever present pep in her step as she looked around the office she had seen many times before, often under much less happy terms, and followed up by a lecture about the dangers of her show boating or ignoring orders to get the spotlight on herself when she was younger.

about the player

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Hi! Thanks for your patience! I had one question in regards to the powers:

While you mention that the telepathy is a weaker power, I'd like to see a bit more specification on the range of that power - "within sight range" isn't very specific, since that can mean across a football field, or just across a room. I'd rather a range be given by foot radius.

Please reply once you've specified that. Thanks!
All the good ones.
played by:
All fixed for you Jenn!

Her max limit for her telepathy is 60 feet in front of her.


played by:
Okay, thank you! I'll go ahead and give you your first STAMP

Keep in mind another admin might want other changes!
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