X-Men Revolution is an Earth-616 inspired advanced RPG. We are loosely inspired by canon comic and movies, but have our own history, original characters and plots.

Join us as an original character, or pick one from marvel canon!

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 Paige's Advancement Thread
Polymorph skin shedding
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Non-DR Threads:

*The Character of Friendship - Santo and Paige go out to stargaze and talk about what is eating at Santo. - In Progress

*Study Buddies - Paige meets Ben and starts to understand his powers while they dance. - 10 Paige posts, 19 total.

*Just One Thing in Common - Paige meets Johnny, sees his powers in action and the shows off her own. Oh and she learns to bounce as rubber. - 14 Paige posts, 29 total.

* The Night Sky Stays Silent - Paige comes upon Rahne worried about her son and Jean joins. - In Progress

*Mimic Me - What starts as Paige attempting to see how Ben's powers works, they start to dance again and maybe things take another turn. - 9 Paige Posts, 20 total.

*I'm Just a Kid - Paige meets the Cuckoos and her and Ben officially admit they are dating. - In Progess

DR/Training Threads:

*Training Day - Paige's first time in the Danger Room, being taught by Ms. Pryde. - 8 Paige Posts, 16 total posts.

*Survival Games - Paige and some other students go on a survival mission in Canda for a week. - In Progress

*So You Want to Earn Your Stripes? - Paige and Everett are tapped by Logan for some 'training' - In Progress

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