X-Men Revolution is an Earth-616 inspired advanced RPG. We are loosely inspired by canon comic and movies, but have our own history, original characters and plots.

Join us as an original character, or pick one from marvel canon!

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1. What is X-Men: Revolution?

X-Men: Revolution is a play-by-post role-playing game based in the originally created alternate Marvel universe of Earth-740. Earth-740 is inspired by the Marvel comics, movies and TV shows, as well as having ideas created just for our game. Within Earth-740, each player controls their own character and leads them through the trials and tribulations that come from being a superhero or villain.

2. How old do I have to be to write here?

X-Men: Revolution is hosted on a premium JCINK forum which allows us to have age checks to read posts and visit forums. Because of the content of some posts and plots, we ask that no member is below the age of eighteen. While we are aware that we will lose some potential players because of this, we feel that it is important to put a minimum age requirement on our forum.

3. What is the main plotline?

Here on X-Men: Revolution, there is no one set storyline. Instead, we opt to run sitewide storylines, these plots can run for upwards of a year, and encompass the whole board, for example, our Apocalypse, Secret Wars and Purifier plotlines are all examples of sitewide plots. Some years, the staff opt to take a break from running sitewide plots to focus on smaller plotlines and to allow players to recover from the intensity that can occur during a sitewide.

4. Can I play a character from the expanded Marvel Universe?

The answer here is both yes, and no. As the title of the board suggests we are primarily an X-Men based board and the stories revolve around mutants, that said there are times when other Marvel characters are needed for plots or to be in play such as Captain America or Doctor Strange. We do not allow, non-mutant characters to be applied for as a first character, and permission from the staff must be sought before applying for one of these characters as they tend to fill specific NPC roles.

5. Why is X, Y, Z power on the banned list for OCs?

Our banned list for powers is updated on a semi-regular basis and is based upon what we currently have on the board. If the staff feel that we have too many of one particular power type, then for a while that power type will be locked until we are no longer over full of one type of power. Other powers are banned because of being either overpowered, silly or for being easily abused. If you are unsure of your particular power, talk to the staff and they will tell you if your power can be used or not.

6. Why is X, Y, Z background on the banned list for OCs?

Here on XMR we try and stick to a more realist approach to our characters, which will not always possible in a comic book setting, we do ask that characters are more grounded than full of drama. This makes it easier for your character to get involved and to prevent lots of characters all being subjects of government experimentation for example. There is also a question of taste, while we do not discourage people from playing characters with mental disorders, learning difficulties or other problems, we do ask that they are written accurately, as you never know who has experience with these conditions and how them being played incorrectly may come across.

7. Are OCs as important as canon characters?

The staff of XMR value all characters whether or not they are canon or original. What we do value, is the effort that the player of that character puts in. If a player of an OC makes sure to get involved with plotting, moving plots forwards and involving others in their plots they are going to be rewarded, equally if a canon player does not get involved and does not post, then they are not going to move as far as an original character that does get involved.

8. Can I write my own plots?

The short answer is yes you can! Players are encouraged to take control of their own plotting and create plotters, and plots of their own. We do ask players to submit longer plots to the staff beforehand so the staff are aware of what is happening, and what is involved. More information on creating plots can be found here.

9. Can my character advance in their faction?

That is entirely dependent on the work you put in as a player. While it is unlikely that the faction leads will change, apart from for plot reasons, there is plenty of room to earn seniority in your faction. It all depends on how much, or how little you want to put in as a player.

10. But wait I have more questions.

Lucky for you we have a help channel on our Discord channel, pop in there and our players and staff will do their best to help you out.

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